The new Google app allows you to take virtual reality pictures

Google's new application allows you to take virtual reality pictures

Are you the happy owners of goggles Cardboard? From now on you can use them to create photos Your own

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Virtual reality is emerging as one of the hottest trends in the world of technology in the coming year, and it turns out that there is no real need for expensive equipment worth thousands of dollars in order to be ready for the revolution, and to create customized content for it.

Google launched it now New free app Called Carboard Camera, and it does exactly what its name says - lets you use it In the cheaply realistic spectacles of reality The technology giant to create panoramic environments that give a sense of depth and three-dimensional viewers.


Install the app on a device Support, inserting it into the Cardboard and starting photography while rotating 360 degrees, created a basic 3D environment that can be experienced later. There is even the possibility to add an audio recording parallel to the display, for improved sense of envelopment.


Carboard Camera probably will not make you the next big VR creator in the field, but it's another nice way to have fun with the new technology, just before it breaks out. prima facie.

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