Google's smart camera that edits your videos itself is available for purchase, about HWzone
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Google's smart camera that edits your videos itself is available for purchase, roughly

The Clips camera, 2 is available for purchase - to a limited group of early subscribers

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For a significant portion of consumers, just the thought of Who watches them at any given moment and waits to capture the perfect moment for filming and documentary will shiver them - but on the other hand there seem to be those for whom it sounds like a very ingenious and useful idea, and they'll even be willing to pay a fair amount of money for it.

For those who belong to the second group, we are happy to announce that Google's unique little clips camera, Which was presented last October, is available for purchase. This is a camera that continuously shoots video when you play it, for up to three hours for the built-in battery and volume Built-in 16-Gb, based on reasoning from computational learning processes and elements of To shoot and save the most successful and interesting videos, and to "throw away" everything that is less interesting - all without any user intervention except for turning the device on and off at the beginning of the process.

Small, expensive - and innovative

Clips is available for purchase at a considerable cost of $ 250, with smart hardware that lets you do all the processing locally based on legality and the ability to draw conclusions already loaded in advance, without uploading information to remote servers - allowing Google to declare it as a completely safe and private product, No risks Of any kind. Beyond the price, only free registration for the camera's gift list and receipt of an invitation from Google itself will grant an opportunity to purchase the product, in North America only, with expected delivery at the beginning of March 2018.

Inside is a chip processing visual information from Movidius owned company , And outside the clip that allows you to connect the camera to a variety of surfaces and objects for the benefit of its continuous photography

Is this the beginning of a hot new fashion in which we will see more and more devices To do their work in a completely autonomous manner, or is the world not yet ripe for it? We'll probably soon find out.


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