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Google, a fitness empire? Technology giant acquires Fitbit

You can make a deal worth more than 2 billion A major force in the sportswear computing world

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While you have the success of And the Android system is impossible to miss, the success (or lack thereof, to be precise) in other device categories is far less impressive - but such a huge company is not going to give up easily.

The current program of Provide presence and flourish in the world of smart wearable means comes through acquisitions - and after acquiring the division Fossil's smart watch announces that it has reached a $ 2.1 billion purchase of US Fitbit, which is a premium of about 30 percent on the value of its shares.

Fitbit is a developer of California bracelets and watches that started in 2007, earning unmatched reputation and success with tens of millions of daily users in its companion fitness app - and second in recent sales volume in the aftermath Greatest, plus a world third place (after And Samsung) with a market share of about 10 percent.

Fitbit products are gaining huge popularity in the US market - and that sounds like a fit for , Which also focuses on this market (plus a relatively limited number of developed markets) in launching its consumer products

Is the plan to use Fitbit's knowledge, experience and brand to produce wearable and smart Wear OSs that people around the world really want to purchase? This certainly sounds like a logical plan for , Similar to the way it acquired the smartphone development division from HTC about a year and a half ago to give itself rich knowledge and experience in self-development. On the other hand, you can also understand the reluctance of many users who like the Fitbit models as they currently are, and do not want to see the "Pushes" their operating system to their throats as a replacement.

Fitbit will succeed in making Wear, which has already become, To a more successful system - or will it be another takeover that will lead a successful small company to die under the burden of the big landlord?

Google has stated that the information stored on Fitbit's servers to date is intended to remain there, but the continuation of the route is the interesting question mark - in the immediate time period, there will probably be no significant changes in behavior, but we will not be surprised if the names Watch and Band are already listed on a board somewhere down there in the depths of Mountain View headquarters.


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  1. Fitbit bought the pebble. The only smart watch that is practical at a good price and shut them down.
    I pebble another 2 until he dies and then I go back to being analog.

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