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Google launched a trial version for the next generation of Android - and abandoned the users

Android P is available for a very early experience and impression - but also marks the end of the road for the Nexus family of generations

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We don't know yet what its official nickname (pancake? Pecan cake?) Or when will it be launched in a final and official version (currently heading for 2018 Q3) - but Android P, the next generation of one of the biggest successes for It has always been here.

Demo version for developers (Developer Preview) The first of five of the mobile system has been distributed to the network, with several add-ons - but also support only on Pixel's From the last two years, without support for any of the more popular and older Naxos.

Android officially adopts 'holes' on screens - and new HDR technologies, support for photography Double and core with security improvements

The P-version of the system will include support for new formats for HDR video display and image display, up-to-date design of the alarm system and quick access to the system settings, support for a new standard that will enable accurate self-positioning within buildings, support for adapting the system's visual interface to non-rectangular screens Cut- X) And more, but what is interesting about the network is the fact that the devices - 6P and 5X are not included in the list of products adapted to the new system, and will probably not be updated at all.

Scheduled P-Schedule - Feel free to guess when your full name will be revealed

Google has for years been proud of the comprehensive, nimble and long-term support of its Android-assisted devices, but at this point it seems determined to put the Nexus family behind it, effectively discontinuing its latest models after a pair of major, Nougat and Oreo version updates - despite some hopes One more version will be awarded before the end of the road.

Google has pledged two years of version updates for the latest Nexus devices and stood by them - but that doesn't really stop the disappointment of the brand's devout fans, it seems

Is there a possibility that we have reached the tipping point where third-party makers will offer better software support than the Android maker on its own? It is probably too early to declare it, but it is a possibility that becomes tangible and reasonable - for better or worse.

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