Healthier: The Google Fit app is undergoing a HWzone transformation
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Healthier: Google Fit is turning around

Get to know the traffic minutes and heart points - the new data that can help you be healthier and safer

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There is no easy competition at all between The variety of fitness available in the market, and despite all the efforts of the parent company to date - is hard to see in Fit is one of the leading companies, as evidenced by lower average scores than those of the main competitors, as well as smaller download and usage volumes. What to do? Restarting.

Google Fit is experiencing a new resurgence, largely with a fresh logo that also indicates the change to a cleaner and less colorful UI - but beyond that, here's a new method to quantify user activity developed in collaboration with the American Heart Association and World Health Organization.

The new style

Instead of monitoring specific sports, The new Fit will show users two metrics to aspire to every day - Move Minutes and Heart Points, which can be achieved in a variety of ways and according to the app's own guidance, sometimes without leaving home or in the office.

Health organizations recommend at least 150 minutes of sports every week, and Google uses it as the starting point

Well minutes will be awarded for minutes of fast activity of any kind, while one heart point will be awarded for every minute of moderately increased heart rate and two heart points will be given per minute of high-intensity activity - as the application continues to ensure that it can detect and monitor as 120 activities are different automatically.

With the turning of the heart rate index into a centralized fit in Fit, the use of a high-quality, accurate pulse meter seems to be thinking more than ever - although the app manages to work and work based on estimates even without it, thanks to the accelerometers in the smartphone and the simpler wearable products, and it certainly is Be one of the key points of the refreshed service.

Particularly suitable for novice users who have not really engaged in sports before, and are confused by all terms and rules?

The new Google Fit is expected to be available to all Android and Android users, In the coming days, with a host of tabs explaining the research, science, and statistics behind the numbers and methods it runs - it will also continue to support concentration and information processing from most other fitness applications in the environment, so that more advanced users can integrate their use with other preferred services without having to replace them.

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  1. I have not had a problem with it until now, the software coordinates all activity and synchronizes all activities between and from all supported applications.

  2. As expected I was attracted to the article because of the title and later I was sorry to find out how it was written as an advertisement and at the same time without editing and with a lot of mistakes, where is the reliability and professionalism guys?

    1. We would be happy to receive money directly from Google. We would be happy to have a constructive feedback if there is a subject.

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