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Coming soon: Xiaomi smartphone with 64 megapixel camera

Original article: The successful manufacturer promises to use a current and advanced photo sensor from home soon

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The cooperation between Xiaomi and Samsung in the field of photography will not only amount to In the monstrous ISOCELL Bright HMX sensor But also includes the Korean manufacturer's fresh 64 sensor, which was also recently introduced as an attempt to flank the IMX586's Which has gained great popularity in both the high and mid-market markets.

The ISOCELL Bright GW1 sensor offers a physical size of 1 / 1.72 inches with 64 million pixels of individual size of 0.8 microns per pixel and pixel, similar to Sony and IMX586 Similar to Bright HMX - While this model will also be based on Tetracell technology to unite four pixels closer to one lighter 1.6 micron pixel in the other conditions are challenging (with 16 megapixel resolution for the images created), alongside its ability to provide 64 megapixel full-color conditions.

Another promising sensor of - Another promising device of highs

In addition to the enlarged dimensions, the Bright GW1 sensor boasts intelligent ISO level control in photography, ultra-fast focusing detection based on phase detection, advanced high dynamic range mechanism, and the ability to maintain maximum accuracy in representing different shades when shooting.

Will there be competition for IMX586 here? And IMX650 Of Sony?

At Shiomi they announced that they would launch a smart device based on the latest sensor already during the last quarter of 2019, ie sometime between the beginning of October and the end of December (when our bet is that this will happen at the beginning of this window), andUnder the Redmi brand Which almost certainly guarantees us a very competitive price tag for the product - could it be the Redmi Note 8? We will continue to collect the pieces of information soon.

Is the ability of the Bright GW1 sensor to shoot Full 64 resolution indicates that the Bright HMX sensor can provide us 108 megapixel authenticity? There seems to be a bad chance of this, though it is not quite clear what the benefits of such deliverables will be

Unlike with the Bright HMX, we received an unmistakable announcement that Yumi would be the first to adopt it on an actual smart device, the Bright GW1 sensor may make its debut in the market not at Shiumi, but rather at Realme, which is the company Oppo's subsidiary in the Indian market - given that we've already had the opportunity to see its prototype for a device with an impressive square rear camera, including the 64 megapixel unit of Used as the main sensor.

Oppo preceded the In the race for 64 megapixels? We will continue to monitor and update

There is no doubt that the field of photography in Mobile will become more interesting in the near future - and we will of course be here to provide you with all the details, so don't forget to keep track.

updating: We now have unequivocal proof that the Redmi device in question with 1 Megapixel Bright GW64 sensor Will be the Redmi Note 8 Pro - And the launch may take place sooner than expected, this coming week!

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