Hit under Huawei's belt

Also develops British processing cores Announces a freeze on relations with the Chinese manufacturer - while in the background there are estimates of a future deal that will save the situation

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Is Huawei going to collapse? The snowball created by the separation of powers between Google and the big Chinese manufacturer that entered the black lists in the United States refuses to stop and drains the effects of derivatives from companies and non-American-based entities - (Owned by Japan's SoftBank) announced a temporary suspension of cooperation with the company.

The vast majority of processors in modern smartphones are based on one or another of the cores in architecture , With Huawei's Kirin family products (via its HiSilicon subsidiary) also based on its own Mali family cores - and now the significance of the boycott is that the Chinese manufacturer will not be able to continue to acquire the intellectual property rights of the company, and will have to find a new direction in the development of future chips. This is no less a challenge than the boycott , And it seems that without a solution it may bring the In the long term to a situation in which it is unable to bring new devices into the market.

Is not an American company, but its business with this market makes it subject to the same sanctions that came into force for Google, , And others in recent days

If this is not enough, the company's membership is also In the SD Association, Alliance and JEDEC have been suspended because they are based in the United States, and this is something that will prevent the company from taking care of its personal interests under future version policies for the common features of all smart devices out there - and may prevent it from adopting the latest and most advanced features in its products.

All negative developments should not affect instruments Which are already in the pipeline for the coming months, but if there is no solution - next year may be particularly difficult

The current situation seems bleak and even fatal for the manufacturer, despite years of attempts to reduce reliance on products from Western sources and move to independent development, but is there any hope for a rebound anyway? The president of the United States spoke on the issue and made it clear that the lifting of sanctions could take place As part of a new comprehensive trade agreement between China and the United States, Which has been a major bone of contention between the powers for several months and has caused considerable economic damage to factors on both sides ( Is probably the largest of them).

An agreement between the two economic powers should also include an outlet for Itself - although in the meantime each of the parties refuses to give up its demands, and the matter may be dragged into an indefinite period of time

Also Chinese ZTE Which was forced to freeze its activities fully last year As a result of American sanctions, it eventually won forgiveness and forgiveness that enabled it to return to function with its Axon 10 Pro devices. However, it can not be denied that the current crisis may have a large and long-term impact on Huawei's future plans - and we will certainly not be surprised to discover that the relationship with And Android will no longer be the same again. We will continue to follow and update you!