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Huawei launches smartphone with 6.95 screen

Did you think that the Mi Max 3 is the highest record? Now he has a competitor who manages to cram a slightly larger display into it

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The Honor brand is responsible for much of Huawei's overall success in the smartphone market, enabling it to experiment with surprising and unusual configurations and combinations without significant concern about damaging the good name of the major flagship products. The Honor Note 10 Fresh definitely feels like another such experiment - pushing to the limit what we're used to getting in line .

The recently launched (only?) Direct competitor of the recently introduced Mi Max 3 also offers a super massive 6.95 × 2,280 super AMOLED screen at a particularly long 1,080 height (or nearly 177 centimeters), and alongside it Kirin 970 Advanced As with Huawei's current flagship devices, 64GB or 128GB storage volumes plus dynamic 6GB or 8GB memory, 8.1 with XUUMX EMUI interface and a 8.2mAh battery that supports the rapid 5,000 Watt charging which is one of the largest that can be received by leading international players.

Which should also be loaded at a reasonable speed

The smartphone will include a primary 16 megapixel camera and a secondary secondary 24 megapixel camera that will capture black and white and enhance the product of the unit next to it, a 13 megapixel camera for salafi images, a Dolby Atmos speaker pair, Wi-Fi 802.11ac connectivity, and also Which does not exist in the third Mi Max.

An aluminum envelope filled with a thickness of approximately 7.6 millimeters, available in two moderate colors

The Huawei Note is available in blue or black, with a slight weight of 230 grams may offend at least some of those who don't want to hang around with a "dumbbell" in their pants pocket - and prices? They will range from 2,800 yuan (about $ 410) to the base model with 64GB of storage and 6GB of , And the 3,200 RMB (about 470 USD) to model with The built-in dual and 3,600 yuan are not visibly paid (almost 530 dollars) to the luxury model that will also provide 8GB's Dynamic.

A specification that mentions the flagship products of - At a shorter price

One small feature that you will not find in the Honor Note 10 is the 3.5 millimeter slot for headphones, and here probably comes the relative advantage of - Plus an even larger capacity battery and a more accessible starting price. However, it is not surprising to see the good success of the two monstrous models at the same time: one with its large processing power account, and the other thanks to battery life and excellent cost-effectiveness.

Perfect for PUBG on the go?

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