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Huawei's new smartphones - already in Israel

The P30 and P30 Pro models join the fight for the Israeli consumer's heart - with A gift for early orders

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Huawei has launched a new flagship pair and made sure not to waste even one minute for free - the official show came along with full initial reviews across the network and even almost immediately available for early purchase in dozens of countries, including Israel, as well as successful tactics by And Samsung.

The standard P30 model, which features an 6.1-inch OLED screen and an 2,340 × 1,080 pixel resolution, Kirin 980 Advanced, which sells more latex end-of-year Mate 20 models, dynamic memory of 6GB, volume Built-in 64GB to 256GB, dual speakers, built-in fingerprint scanner under the display and 3,650mAh battery with fast 22.5 watt charging - offered in the country in one version at the moment including 128GB's , At the price of NIS 2,900.

P30 - Three cameras with optical arrays from Leica Corporation - and an apical zoom larger than most other flagship products

The P30 includes a triple back photo array with an 40 main megapixel unit and additional 3X optical zoom units and a wide angle shot, a 32 MPX SLF camera within a minimalist semicircle, Built-in NFC, built-in infrared transmitter, metal body with Gorilla Glass cladding on both sides and humble IP53 protection from water and dust - and interesting competition between the S10e at the bottom of the world flagship devices for the year 2019.

In Israel, the devices will appear to be available in a black shade, a white crystal hue and a turquoise-blue color called Aurora

On the other hand, the P30 Pro model that has already become the new photographer for the DxOMark website (and quite a few other visitors) in the smartphone world will be offered in Israel in a pair of hardware and price configurations - 3,500 NIS for a base version with 128GB of storage and 6GB of And 4,000 shekels per version with 8GB of Dynamic and internal 256GB for storage.

The cameras are the main charm of This year, too - under dark conditions and the ability to perform unprecedented macro and close-ups

The P30 Pro features an 6.47-inch OLED screen and an 2,340 × 1,080 pixel resolution, plus a piezoelectric mechanism that replaces the classic earpiece with screen shaking, Kirin 980 with octagon Based on evaporation chamber, dynamic memory of 6GB or 8GB, as stated, volume Internally between 128GB and 512GB, Beneath the display panel, IP68 water and dust protection, a generous 4,200mAh battery with ultra-fast 40 watt charging and fast wireless charging support - most notably a square rear camera that includes a main 40 megapixel sensor with a new optical image stabilizer and a zoom-in zoom sensor Up to 5X and a digital zoom of up to 50X that no other product has around.

The P30 Pro is offered at higher prices but also excels in my life And surprisingly short charging times

Built-in storage volume on Huawei's devices is expandable - but only through tiny Nano Memory cards Of the company itself, which can be obtained in Israel at last but also bear price tags significantly higher than cards Standard: 290 shekels or more for 128GB cards at local stores, with similar prices in Amazon.

Smallest front defect we have seen - Consumers will need to decide whether this approach is better than the screen holes that they decided to offer us In its flagship products

Similar to that of As part of the launch of the S10, also on Choosing to place special emphasis on those who choose to purchase the new models before everyone else - offering the company's smart Watch GT watch launched late last year as a gift. The stated value of this benefit is NIS 1,000, with the lowest price in the country according to Zap being NIS 940 and quite well justifies this estimate. Will this be enough to make the P30 and P30 Pro significant hits in the Holy Land? We'll probably find out soon.

A surprising benefit for the better - especially for users who do not yet own it Of a different kind

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