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Huawei's smart clock will be available in an expensive version, and in a particularly expensive version

The Chinese manufacturer's surprisingly elegant watch will cost you $ 350 or more, with a bright gold-plated version sold at a massive cost of $ 800

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Huawei is probably not the most prestigious brand in the smart device market, but its smart watch, unveiled earlier this year and set to be officially launched this Wednesday, is nonetheless one of the most impressive and fun to meet - and it will also carry a matching price tag.

Based on information coming from around the network, the Huawei Watch will cost $ 350 in its regular version, which includes a body made of high-quality steel casing plus a leather strap, and no less than $ 800 for the premium version that is characterized by a gold-plated steel body - prices similar to those Apple has decided for a watch God- Watch, launched a few months ago.

Would you be willing to pay a price similar to that of a leading smartphone for this model?
Be prepared to pay a price similar to that of Lead for this model?

Like most other Android Watch devices, Huawei Watch will also be based on God- 400 The aging quadrangular cores, along with memory Volume 512MB, volume Built 4GB and an 300mAh battery that will probably not break the stigma created for smart watches as a product it has been using to outweigh the benefits in most cases.

However, the Chinese manufacturer's watch will also feature one very advanced and impressive feature - an 1.4-inch screen based on a 'real' AMOLED round panel, an ultra-high 400 × 400 pixel resolution that will be interpreted as 286 pixel density per square inch, plus Sapphire glass that is supposed to be particularly tough and tough. This will probably not help my life Best, but hey - at least it will look very impressive in the action on your wrist.


Another seemingly unique feature will be support for iOS-based devices (in addition to the natural support for Android devices 4.3 or higher) Watch, which reinforces the feeling that Huawei Watch aims to compete directly with the smart clock , And believes that he will be able to conquer even the pious admirers of the giant of Cupertino.
We wish him success in this difficult task, and we will continue to update you.

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