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New iPhones on the way: Apple announces official launch event

Invitations to a large California press conference next week don't leave much room for doubt - devices New ones are on their way to us

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After months of unusually detailed leaks, including actual dummy products designed to illustrate what the real thing will look like, Apple's time comes to try and conquer the masses once again - the generation of 11, if it is indeed the official name, will officially be introduced to 10 in September.

Invitations from Journalists for an event to be held at the company headquarters in Cupertino, California, have already been disseminated - and although they don't have too many hints about the products to be unveiled, all the factors unequivocally state that this is the big event of the year for the company, with three models of different sizes and price tags expected Bring the manufacturer's mobile sales volume back to the growth trajectory.

The apple is back in the 2019 version - very soon

God- The standard 11 is intended to be the replacement for the XR (which in turn replaced the SE) With 6.1 X-inch IPS screen at slightly modest pixels, 1,792GB dynamic memory, 828GB to 4GB internal storage, photo array with 64 megapixel sensor at the rear and 512 front-facing single camera -Pixel also supports dual-channel Wi-Fi connectivity in the new 12ax standard (also known as 12 Wi-Fi branding) and a slightly enlarged 802.11mAh battery that will support both wireless and counter-charging of other supported products - much like the flagships of and-.

Several different concepts for the appearance of the models 11 spins around the net - but everyone agrees that we expect a significant cube bulge in the back

God- 11 Pro will be the version designed for those who miss past compact smartphones with an 5.8 × 2,436 pixel OLED screen, 1,125GB dynamic memory along with 6GB storage and the 128GB sub-pen supported storage Trying to deliver some challenge to Samsung's successful Galaxy Note series, a triple rear camera with three standard 512 sensors for standard photography, wide-angle and close-up photography and an 12mAh battery that will make a significant leap XS - with wireless charging support and reverse wireless charging as in 11 standard.

Maybe it will look like this in the final models? The answer in less than a week

The most prestigious and greatest version of the current generation will be the 11 Pro Max (We wouldn't be surprised if the real name is slightly different), with the 6.5-inch OLED screen at a density of 458 pixels per square inch the same as the 11 Pro, 6GB RAM, internal storage of between 128GB and 512GB, the same triangular primary photo array 11 Pro and 12 megapixel single-selector camera like the other two new models, Apple Pencil support of course, 6 Wi-Fi support and Face ID technology - and 3,500mAh battery, compared to the 3,180mAh capacity we've seen on XS Max, plus Bidirectional.

The front will contain Lonely in the new generation, too - apparently - but the big, big drawback is here to stay

All three fresh devices will offer New section rendering called A13 Bionic expected to be the first mass product of Taiwanese manufacturer TSMC based on 7 nanometer lithography with a combination of EUV technology Ultra-Violet), all three will offer a metallic casing with front and back glass cladding, all three should support fast and welcome 18 watt charging after years of significant technology lag, all three are unlikely to include support for 3D Touch that failed to gain momentum and prove Itself in the real world - and all three are set to continue the controversial trend with massive flaws at the top of the display panel, with a new addition of a prominent square protrusion at the back to accommodate an increased number of enhanced photo sensors.

We really hope for a technological leap when it comes to battery life and charging times - but very curious to see how the American manufacturer will be able to impress us in the processing industry, with Updated with state-of-the-art technology

If all the visual leaks we've met so far are in line with reality - the design of the 11 is expected to become a significant topic of conversation in the days following the upcoming press conference. How about the supply of For the year 2019-2020? Let's talk about it in the comments!


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