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Images are leaked from the 10 system

BlackBerry's Tenth OS will look like Android
We keep track of developments at RIM and its BlackBerry devices. Not long ago the company's board of directors He made changes at the managerial level, Apparently as part of a change in the company's general image, products and services that it will offer to users.
We've already seen the pictures of the BlackBerry London device that is running an early version of the BlackBerry 10 operating system, but we did not see too much in that picture. Now, the Crackberry website displays Additional leaked images, According to the website, a company's internal conference designed to determine marketing and selling strategies for future instruments.
In the leaked images we see a BlackBerry device with a touch screen only, without the keyboard that has become the trademark of BlackBerry devices in recent years. However, the device also includes disconnect and call buttons, the BlackBerry menu button, the "back" button and the touch-based navigation button. However, we do not know if this is indeed the final design of future BlackBerry devices.
Above the physical buttons we also find a program navigation bar that contains, again, a phone button and shortcuts to the camera and search. At the top of the screen is a line of information and alerts that is quite reminiscent of the Android devices and we will not be surprised if the BlackBerry system will also scroll down the same line to get to the full screen notifications.
According to the pictures, the system will support widgets and apps, though we have not noticed any indication of a possible transition between the various home screens. From the point of view of the applications, we get here everything we used to see in modern smartphones. , And a game or two. Even the BBM service was accepted His own.
RIM is not expected to introduce the new system or devices at the But we will continue to monitor developments and update you accordingly.


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