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Impressive, but not cheap: Mi Note 10 and Mi Note 10 Plus prices are revealed

The European versions of the CC9 Pro are already here with all the noise and ringing - but also with significantly higher price tags than those we received at the Chinese launch

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We got used to seeing Xiaomi launch international versions of its devices a few weeks after being announced for its home market in China - but this time the manufacturer managed to surprise us with a formal announcement for Mi Note 10 and Mi Note 10 Plus (no word on All the numbers between three and ten disappeared from the series for some reason) just a few hours after we got to know them The CC9 Pro corresponding to them In China.

The Mi Note 10 is completely identical in the technical specifications For CC9 Pro, With the 6.47 inch Super AMOLED screen at maximum 600 Nit, Snapdragon 730G octagon cores in 8 nm lithography, 6GB or 8GB dynamic memory, 128GB or 256GB fast storage, a pentagonal backdrop with an innovative 108 main megapixel unit, system Pie with MIUI 11 interface over it and 5,260mAh battery with fast 30 watt charging. The differences between the models will be mainly in the software interface and in addition to the familiar set of applications from home In the Android system - and also at a price, which turns out to be significantly higher for Western consumers unfortunately.

Mi Note 10, Mi Note 10 Pro andMi CC9 Pro - Three names for the exact same device, with minor changes below the surface

While in China the base model of the CC9 Pro with 6GB of And 128GB of Will be priced at 2,800 yuan which is around 400 dollars - in Europe its price including the equivalent of VAT will be 550 Euro, or NIS 2,130. The more advanced model will be called Mi Note 10 Pro, and will come with 8GB of Dynamic, 256GB storage and enhanced optical lens array for the main sensor with 8 elements instead of 7 elements in the regular model - and these bump the price to the level of 650 Euro, or NIS 2,520.

The increased European price does not do any good with the device - but we must not forget that this is a model that is at the top of DxOMark's ranking in photography, with a pentagonal array that we have not yet seen in the market

We'll probably see a launch of Mi Note 10 models in the country soon too, and prices are likely to be slightly or even slightly higher than Europe's - but at such price levels it's hard not to wonder why Xiumi doesn't incorporate the 855 or 855 Plus within these models, as they do on significantly cheaper devices already available for purchase in stores.

Five cameras (six people include this one for the selfie), four LEDs - With a starting price of just over NIS 2,100. Worth or not? Welcome to tell us what you think

A second model that has been launched for Europe, and will soon arrive in Israel too, we hope, is The Redmi Note 8T - And as we reported it is completely identical to the standard Redmi Note 8 with 6.3 inch IPS screen and Snapdragon 665 chip, with the exception of Built-in that will greatly benefit at least some users, and a charger supports fast 18 watt charging straight out of the box instead of a simple 10 watt charger (with support of the device itself with more advanced chargers) that we saw in the standard Redmi Note 8.

The Redmi Note 8T price will be 180 Euro including local VAT, or NIS 695, for a base model on 32GB for storage and 3GB for dynamic memory, 200 Euro for model with 64GB for storage and 4GB of And 250 Euros don't pay very well for a top model with 128GB for storage.

It is unclear why the Redmi Note 8 did not offer the pair of modest features that distinguish it from the fresh Redmi Note 8T in the first place - but we will forgive the highs, as these are two very fast-paced and lucrative devices

Will we see an official Israeli launch soon for the Mi Note 10, its upgraded brother and the Redmi Note 8T? Promise to keep up and keep you updated.


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