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Huawei concludes a year with a new sales record

China's largest and most prestigious manufacturer continues to beat forecasts and records improvement in all indices

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The 2017 year has been particularly good for the two largest Chinese manufacturers in the modern smart device market - Xiaomi and, When the latter wasted no time and decided to publicly declare its achievements a few hours with the introduction of the new year, before all competitors.

Growing manufacturer CEO announced total sales of no less than 153 million smart devices in 2017, a new record for it and 10 percent growth together for the full 2016 year sales of 139 million units - along with an increase of 15 percent in revenue , Which reached a fairly massive figure of about $ 90 billion.

Sales are skyrocketing - though it's worth noting that the pace of growth has slowed over the past year

A figure of 153 million smart devices in the past year allows us to conclude that the company's sales in the final quarter of the year were over 41 million units - a figure comparable to the manufacturer's best quarter to date, at the end of 2016. Not sure that it will be enough for her to retain second place in the global smartphone market against Apple which is expected to show a big leap this quarter thanks to the launch of the But eventually it seems that the company has a variety of reasons to maintain optimism for the future.

The manufacturer has proven a successful combination of premium products under its brand name and highly competitive budget products in the Honor brand

Is there a chance that in 2018 it seems Huawei is aiming to cross the ultra-luxury sales threshold of 200 million , Along with an annual revenue threshold of 100 billion? This will be very challenging, but with the expected cooperation with some of the largest cellular operators in the United States, for the first time, this is also apparently not far-fetched.


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