In the opposite direction: Huawei's flexible device overwhelms us with technology - and at the price of HWzone
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In the opposite direction: Huawei's flexible device overwhelms us with technology - and at a price

The screens are even bigger and more impressive than the Galaxy Fold's , Charging is the fastest ever - but the price of the Mate X may be over NIS 10,000

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The first day of MWC 2019 provided us with quite a few great moments and interesting products to talk about, but above all stood out without much difficulty Huawei's Mate X - which has shown a different approach to a flexible screen product compared to that of , With potentially even greater potential to gain momentum as the next hot thing.

While Samsung has chosen to keep the main screen of the great The Galaxy Fold On the inside, and incorporate a small secondary front screen for on-the-go operations with one hand - Huawei has gone for folding to the opposite side, making the main 8-inch screen a technology (Which is about to be a full square of 8 aspect ratio: 7) Two separate screens in fact, each of which can be used in the folded state of the product. This method allows the manufacturer to take pride in the 6.38 and 6.6 inches that stretch from end to end - as opposed to just a minimalist 4.6 screen in the folded-use mode.

The Mate X weighs no less than 295 grams and offers a thickness of 11 millimeters in its closed position, plus a thickness of only 5.4 millimeters in most of its open positions - except for a kind of dual-thickness grip on one of the sides which is also the product's triangular position ( Developed in collaboration with Leica Company, of course) Type-C and control buttons, including the biometric sensor built in one of them. The design is based on the Falcon Hinge articular mechanism, which is still in stages Allegedly - what this explains is Did not give journalists the opportunity to touch themselves on the device, but only to document it with the representatives of the company.

Another folding lands - but it is far and away from the vision presented by our main competitor Samsung

Inside the body of the product there is Kirin 980, a new generation based on the production process of TSMC in 7 nm, dynamic memory of 8GB, built-in storage of 512GB and especially 4,500mAh capacity consisting of two Separate - With amazing SuperCharge charging capacity of up to 55 watts, you can apparently return 85 percent of total capacity (!) In just half an hour. A new record that will win even the similar mechanism of a company from last year? In a few months we will find the answer.

Application developers face a great challenge in adapting them to the many new sizes and resolutions that will come to market in the fold trend

Huawei's approach to the field of smartphones may be considered more advanced and impressive than , Though the real race between the two may be on the way to the market - the Fold has already received a scheduled launch date of April 26, while the Mate X is apparently failing less with a more general time frame to launch during the second quarter of the year, making it appear that You can win precedence and fame as the main innovator while the experience of Will be considered imitation.

The almost all-screen smartphone may be very challenging to protect against blows, scratches, and falls

The Mate X looks like a revolutionary piece of technology, and the Chinese manufacturer knows it - and has an imaginary price tag of 2,300 Euro for the launch (in one shade - blue), as little as NISX in direct conversion, and a real chance of breaking 9,430's record price . There is no more premium than that when the Fold with the same volume And more Dynamic is priced as mentioned in 2,000 Euro "only".

Another impressive advantage of its Mate X is the use of an integrated modem that also includes fifth-generation connectivity - a pity that this feature will be meaningless in our local market in the foreseeable future without compatible infrastructure

Who is your favorite in one of the most significant developments in smart device configuration over the last decade? Let's talk about it.

The secondary screen is not very comfortable for work due to a significant curve on one side and the array of cameras on the other - but it can be very useful for photography, both in selfie and when shooting another person


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