Enlarged price, with gift: Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro in Israel • HWzone exposed

Increased price, with gift: The price of the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro in Israel was revealed

Original article: The new model will be the The cheapest 855 on the local market officially, and comes with a bracelet As a gift to the early purchasers

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As expected, the European launch of the Mi 9T model earlier this week came at the same time as the announcement of our local version and especially its prices - which will stand at NIS 1,900 as a base for a model with 64GB's And 2,000 for a model with 128GB for storage.

These are prices that are higher than NIS 300 and NIS 200 respectively relative to official prices in Europe, when it is quite possible to specify the relative problematic price of the base model which is more expensive than expected, and may be challenging in the long run due to the fact that the Mi 9T Pro models have no capacity to expand storage Unfortunately.

The smartphone will only be available in the country in blue and black only in the first phase

In the official Israeli importer Hamilton are trying to sweeten the gospel for potential buyers with the addition of the fresh fitness bracelet Mi Smart Band 4 worth NIS 180, as well as a screen protector which is a potential savings of several tens of shekels.

It will now be interesting to find out how an uncompromising price war between parallel importers could affect the price of the Mi 9T Pro that will eventually be available to Israelis.

There are gifts for buyers from the official representative - by the middle of next month

The standard Mi 9T has been launched in the country at prices ranging from NIS 1,600 to NIS 1,800, but is now available for less than NIS 1,200 for each of the sub-models in a large variety of stores and chains - so it is likely that in a few weeks or a few months we can Find the Mi 9T Pro at prices below NIS 1,500 in the Holy Land, which will allow it to take pride in the The cheapest 855 in the local landscape officially as it flies past the original Mi 9 models ( , Of course) that are sold at a price of NIS X or more from the parallel importers.

In terms of official recommended prices, the Mi 64T Pro 9GB model is already the cheapest on the market with 855 - and this is likely to be true of the corresponding import prices sooner or later

What are your impressions from the latest creation of - Is it also about to become a big hit in Israel? Let's talk about it!

updating: Parallel importers have also begun to suggest whether the Mi 9T Pro in the domestic market - currently at prices starting with 1,750 NIS for a version with 128GB of , And 2,000 are NIS to a top version of the 256GB total device And 8GB of Dynamic, which is not offered by the official importer of Currently. Anywhere else to go? We believe so.

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