First tests are already in place: The Snapdragon 820 chip proves to be a Monster HWzone

First tests are already here: The Snapdragon 820 chip proves to be a monster

Next generation chip development platform Has come into the hands of journalists, providing us with a formal, first-look look at our performance as part of the big leap into 14 nanometers

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There may be smartphone chips More powerful than him In the 2016 smartphone world, but there seems to be something very clear now - The new Snapdragon 820 של Is indeed a very big improvement compared to its predecessor, almost every parameter that can be imagined.

Chip of the American manufacturer, Which, as mentioned, returns to only four cores (in a custom and custom architecture) and jumps into LPP production at 14 nanometers in , Came to the tomshardware and anandtech sites in the form of a development platform for smartphones, and we received test results All of which give a very positive picture.


Good improvement In Snapdragon 820 Compared with its predecessor, the Snapdragon 810, it was observed in the bandwidth available for memory thanks to certain internal architectural improvements and thanks to the support of higher-frequency LPDDR4 memories, as well as a few dozen percent jump in apparent capabilities for the general processing cores, The unit that precedes the Kryo cores is the latest Twister cores .


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In the graphics core segment, the situation is even more impressive, as the new Adreno 530 core presents very good results in the popular tests of Basemark X and GFXBench (in the 3DMark tests, the result is somewhat less notable, which in some cases comes close to an improvement of 100 percent) (!) Vs. the Adreno 430 core, and in some cases also jumps above the core PowerVR core on the chipset The fresh A9. In other words - the Adreno 530 is the most powerful graphical core for smartphones based , And probably also the most powerful core for Overall.

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This has no proven evidence and illustrations for the time being, but the latest and most important statistic about the Snapdragon 820 report concerns the personal impressions of those who have experienced the development platform - and says it doesn't matter in any significant warming or alternatively declining Which may indicate an aggressive frequency reduction designed to prevent overheating. In other words, there is a good chance that the main trouble that accompanied the " 810 throughout its life was resolved in the new model.

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The results are impressive, and this is without saying a word about the unique and interesting technologies that Qualcomm will include in the new generation, such as improving the quality of dark photography, ultrasonic fingerprint scanning and WiGig connectivity at high rates

God- 820 is set to debut in real commercial smartphones over the next few months, and then we can see how its capabilities actually match what we now see in an unofficial device. We can make sure that the infamous warming problems have evaporated with the move to more efficient and advanced production technology , And we can also test the efficiency of these performance, and battery life that are a direct derivative. See more updates from us below.

Quantum's powerful development platform, which comes with a 6.2 screen with QHD resolution, 3GB LPDDR3 memory, 6 64GB storage and Android 6.0
The Qualcomm's powerful development platform, which comes with a 6.2 screen with QHD resolution, 3GB LPDDR3, 6, 64GB storage and system 6.0


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  1. In the meantime, there is no official model of production and no official device that works with it has all been erased and it appears that the warming 810 model has made trouble for talented manufacturers and the buyers have suffered that many did not buy a device with the hot 810 processor which was a narrow

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