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Interesting smartphones at good prices, now in Amazon

Apple 's flagship device Last year and the dual device 's cameras Available for purchase at lower prices than ever before

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Looking for a smart device for a price that is not much higher than a thousand shekels? You have a lot of potential offers in the contemporary local market - and a few more that can be obtained through the online store , Which may surprise you.

One of those devices is none other The LG G5 Launched as the Korean manufacturer's leading product last year, featuring an 5.3-inch IPS screen and QHD resolution, Snapdragon 820 Octagonal Cores , Dynamic memory of 4, gigabyte volume 32 GIGABYTE, a pair of rear 16 megapixel cameras, 8 front-end 2,800 camcorder, XNUMXmAh battery (easy to retrieve and replace) with quick charging and more.

The G5 has never been considered the best smartphone on the market, but at such a low price compared to the original - it's a hard-to-ignore offer

Now on Amazon, the device can be purchased in gray at a cost of $ 304 - including VAT and direct shipping to Israel, which is less than half its initial price, and slightly less than $ 1, compared to prices starting at $ 1 for it. Model here at local stores.

The second model sold at a reduced cost is Honor 8 Of the popular Chinese sub-brand from Huawei senior company - with 5.2-inch IPS screen and 1080p resolution, Kirin 950 octagonal cores launched for the manufacturer's flagship devices at the end of last year, a dynamic memory of 4 gigabytes, volume Built-in 32-Gb, dual-camera array with 12-megapixel resolution capable of taking pictures 720p120 and 1080p60, front 8 megapixel camera and built-in 3,000mAh battery.

A modern double-array, an interesting casing and a lucrative price - what else?

The Honor 8, in fine blue, is available for a total price of 314 dollars, including taxes and shipping - which is about NIS 1,150, which is an excellent deal in itself.

It is not clear how long the prices These specifics will be available, so if you feel they are more winking at you than any other offer - take advantage of them soon. Pleasant shopping!


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  1. We have two devices, screen burning is a routine thing. Although there are two batteries for the device and can be replaced but also with two batteries it is not easy to survive a full day of normal use .. Besides the cellphone very good and convenient !! Quick loading 40-50% in 10-20 very thin and useful !!

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