It's time for Google to launch a new 7 tablet by the end of the year

The best-known tweeter in the region than the early rumors about the continued cooperation between the technology giant and Huawei

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The Android tablet market is no longer as prestigious as it used to be, but we still want to see it evolve, advance and upgrade to the benefit of millions of users who continue to purchase products that fall into this category every month - which is quite difficult to do when it seems that most international manufacturers have decided to abandon it completely.

Even Google, the one that created the And led to a real price revolution in the market The 7, somewhere in 2012, stopped selling all its Naxus family tablets, the latest of which was launched in 2014.

Now it seems that the right time has come for a comeback that will change the situation - with cooperation from Google and Huawei, which we received rumors and insinuations at the beginning of this year: Owen Blass, the popular gadget teller who has proven time and time again that he knows what he is talking about , He declared In his official Twitter account for the two companies to launch Sized 7 by the end of the current year. Hurray!

Prepare the tables of despair
The launch probably will not occur in the big event Which is aimed at the beginning of next month, but we will still hold our fingers

Now, this is the time to try and address the small details that are, or are not, in this statement. Blas did not mention the word 'Nexus', which is probably another proof that Google will release the brand for pension and will use the Pixel brand for all Android products, OS that it will produce.

The word too Not mentioned in the announcement in fact, although it is hard to believe that Google are interested in launching a device based on the operating system of (Which is designed to compete with Windows) in such small dimensions. The new device will almost certainly be a small brother to C based on the Android resulting in mixed market responses.

The only technical detail provided by the leak about the new device is that it will have a relatively generous RAM of the 4GB - so we think this is a device that will be based on one of the latest Quilacum chips: the Snapdragon 625 at the low end, the Snapdragon 820 / 821 at the top of course , And the Snapdragon 650 or the Snapdragon 652 in the middle. This is taking into account the fact that Has emerged from the world of smart devices fully.

The 7 pair proved that it is possible to create inexpensive but high quality tablets with very few compromises. What will the new model try to prove to us?
The 7 pair proved that it can be created Cheap but high quality and with very few compromises. What will the new model try to prove to us?

Tablets of You Nor has it been described as the successor to the 7 pair, except that it will come with an 7-inch screen as well, so there seems to be a potential for a more advanced and expensive product that will turn to a slightly different market segment, although it is difficult to describe a situation in which companies choose to launch a device Such a compact "full" price of 400 or 500 dollars, similar to what happened with the - C larger.

Are excited about the comeback of To the compact tablet market, or do not think it will save him from becoming a small niche and not really relevant? Share comments with us.