Redmi Note 7 is officially registered in Israel

The impressive smartphone from home Begins his international tour

It took longer than we expected, but Redmi Note 7's At last, Hamilton is officially launching it in Israel in three colors, with a two-year warranty and a cost tag of NIS 1,150.

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The Redmi Note 7 offers an 6.3 IPS screen with Gorilla Glass 5, Snapdragon 660 efficient octagonal, system Pie and a nice 4,000mAh battery - together with 64GB's Internal expandable and 4GB of Dynamic version of the unit that will be available in local stores officially for now.

Official launch of an international version - about two months after the debut in China

The official price of Hamilton will be NIS 1,150, although it is worth noting that parallel importers are now able to obtain the model at a cost much closer to that of the Chinese market (180, not including VAT) - starting at NIS 1,000 or less In Eilat, when you can estimate that we will see prices continue to decline as part of uncompromising competition between the various stores and networks.

Front and rear glass and a modern Type-C connector - for the first time in the family

After the arrival of the standard Note 7, we are also eyeing the Pro model that was announced just a few days ago with all the same positive base characteristics - plus improvements in its processing and imaging capabilities. Will his Israeli launch also take place this month?

Will be available in blue, pink or black

With the initial price of 14,000 RUF in India, which is approximately $ 200, it seems that the official price of the Redmi Note 7 Pro in the Holy Land can be estimated at 1,300 or NIS 1,350 as the basis for 64GB volume with 4GB , Assuming that this model will be marketed locally - along with a higher price of 1,500 for the upgraded model with 128GB for storage and 6GB of Dynamic.

Will these prices justify the change, or are there better offers in the environment right now? Let's talk about it!