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The king of the new Antutu performance of the smartphone market has been revealed

Original article: Chinese ZTE brand new Nubia gaming model breaks prestige checkpoint barrier in the recognized performance testing app - courtesy of the 855 Plus

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Gaming on smart devices has never been more popular, and it seems that, as in the stationary market, here too the race for maximum performance is going to become a major concern for all participants - including The Chinese who are trying to recover after the boycott period suffered by the US government.

The company launched the intriguing gaming model this season for Red Magic 3, through its Nubia sub-brand that we have known for a number of years, with some interesting features such as an internal cooling fan (!), Side buttons that mimic those in the controllers Modern gaming, 90 Hz refresh display panel and impressive 5,000mAh battery. This model even landed in Israel a few months ago, Carrying a surprisingly good price tag.

Aggressive design that is hard to remain indifferent to

Now, after presenting The Snapdragon 855 Plus's rushed , Nubia felt obliged to upgrade themselves to the new summit and do so with the Red Magic 3S, which is expected to embrace all those interesting features of its predecessor (along with a vibration engine for a 'four-dimensional' gaming experience, as described in the company) and break records. Mobile - at least in some of the metrics.

Prices will certainly be cut in relation to the powerful specs that await inside

The Red Magic 3S will offer up to 12GB of fast LPDDR4X memory and up to 256GB of up-to-date and fast UFS 3.0 storage, along with the evaporator and fan-based internal heat sink and chip 855 Plus - all of which allow it to score an impressive 510,500 score in the popular Chinese Antutu test, which tests and scores all system components of the smart device together and separately.

The new champion - who may hold on to the throne until the heir of the 855 at the end of the year or early 2020

The result observed in Antutu's database in its new 8 version (which should not change the way the scores are calculated for the various components, so that direct results can be compared directly to devices obtained in the previous 7 version) are highest for each device So far - and perhaps illustrates that using active cooling inside such a tiny device nevertheless makes a difference, despite our general skepticism and that of others.

God- Magic 3S is expected to become official in the coming hours - and we really won't mind if it also officially arrives in Israel in a while. And what do you think? Let's talk about it in the comments!

It is quite possible that the actual performance of the Red Magic 3S will be lower than the one we have seen in a single test in Antutu, as has already happened to the highs in launch. Its latest gaming Black Shark 2 Pro - but it's still an impressive technological achievement

updating: The Red Magic 3S was officially presented as guaranteed, with the same panel 6.65-inch 2,340 × 1,080 pixel resolution and 90 Hz refresh rate, a single 48 single megapixel rear camera from Sony with photo support B-16 megapixel selfie camera and 5,000mAh battery with fast 27 watt charging.

maximum In the Android market for less than NIS 2,000

The prices of the model will be very impressive to our taste, and will stand at 3,000 RMB for a gray-colored model with 8GB of And 128GB for storage and 3,800 RMB for red-blue model with 12GB of And 256GB of Fast - $ 420 and $ 531 respectively, which sound like interesting prices even if you add our local VAT value.

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