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LG also agrees: Micro-LED is the future of TVs

The major Korean manufacturer continues to invest in technologies Thin and flexible - but do not ignore the burgeoning competitor that threatens to conquer the market gradually

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Micro-LED technology, the equivalent of non-organic-based OLED, has been one of the key topics of discussion in the entire CES 2020 exhibition - and it seems that a consensus among display media makers has already emerged that it is a promising futuristic vector. The big one started the trend with first experimental models a few years ago, and now we find that its main competitor Performs her first steps in the field.

On the big booth of the Korean company in the show stood out above all the smartphones and online TVs Of the new generation - with flexible panels that can be rolled and rolled into a hidden storage unit when needed, similar to a screen for image projectors. Most impressive, but in another corner of the complex we met the prototype that managed to intrigue us even more - a terrific 8K and LED-size micro-LED of 145 inches, one that the The variability will be very difficult to compete with due to technological limitations in the production processes themselves.

Huge, elaborate and promising display - soon in stores too? We will continue to monitor and update you
Photo: HWzone

We tried to get more juicy details from the company's representatives, but it is currently unclear whether and when Plans to launch Micro-LED models commercially - and especially how much that pleasure will cost us compared to the top end of TVs Curved, flexible or semi-transparent. We hope to discover these answers later in 2020.

After showing us flexible OLED TVs that rise up out of their class - now the Even televisions that pop up from the top with the click of a button
Photo: HWzone

To- There were no bombastic announcements in the smartphone industry at CES 2020, this honor was probably retained for the big MWC 2020 exhibition in Barcelona next month - but we did get a closer look at dozens of models G8X dual screens are proudly displayed on a wall. It seems that the manufacturer is very likable and confident in your concept that can easily and quickly increase the usability of the smartphone, and it is not surprising if the future models (the G9 ThinQ and the V60 ThinQ?) Will eventually reach the stores equipped with a similar display plug-in.

Recall that the G8X ThinQ is already sold in the country, along with the unique cover that provides a screen Secondary, at a starting price of NIS 3,000
Photo: HWzone

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