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Last month of conspiracy about Pixel 3: Did Google work on everyone?

Google handed out invitations to an official media event in New York City in over a month - and will finally tell us whether all the widespread leaks are a real omission or a genius marketing trick

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Assuming you haven't spent most of your time under a desert rock, you may also have noticed that last month the Pixel 3 XL became one of the most prominent on the network - even though we haven't received any official clue from Google itself of its existence. This is one of the strangest stories in the field of modern smart devices, with a technology guru who usually knows how to maintain compilation and confidentiality when she wants us to receive a great product and talks about a variety of leaks, including documentaries And even full reviews, several months before its intended launch date.

Exposures, leaks and estimates from many sources around the globe drew us an up-to-date flag device, but one that also raised a lot of eyebrows - with almost the same back as the Pixel 2 XL (including one camera), a front with an exceptionally large top and also Significant "chin" at the bottom and in addition Internal capacity that actually shrank slightly relative to the previous generation, although the display panel was enlarged and expanded.

Model 3 XL has been documented from every angle - but many believe it is just a dummy model designed to disguise the real thing

The extensive leaks, along with the controversial elections, have led to the creation of real conspiracy theories that all we know about the " 3 XL in question, and possibly about his little brother- 3 (which is expected to come without a fault but also with an extended display panel, dual front array and stereo speakers) is actually one big deception.

Also, The diminutive 3 has already found its way into the net, albeit much more widely and less prominently than its brother, who may also be the most popular and popular of the two

The unbearable ease with which secret future devices have been publicly documented contradicts the logic of a growing group of surfers - and reports from the recent period that Google itself has contacted creators Prominent self-documented complainers about the design of the new generation to use their videos only reinforce the trend (plans to present the documentation to amplify the surprise with the exposure of a final version in a completely different look), it seems.

A chain of supply chain failures Or something completely different? You are welcome to share with us your theories

So is this a deliberate and sophisticated process of Designed to allow her to surprise us all big time? We don't really know - but at least we now have 9 in October as 2018 as the deadline for the big event to reveal the whole story once and for all. Keep following us for more updates!

All answers within a month from now - and this time on the east coast of the United States, instead of the famous company headquarters at the other end of the continent

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