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Lenovo's Great Deception (updated)

updating: Does 'crime' pay off? Although the Z5 was not what we were promised, it seemed to be buzzing around Do his part In any case - and the first flash of these models sold in the popular Chinese store JD ended within a few minutes when the inventory was finished, which was enough to capture the overall first place on the site, ahead of models such as the Xiaomi Mi 8, X and Honor Play .

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Original Article: The revolutionary "Z5" was exposed - with a very different look from what the Chinese manufacturer promised us with its teasers

Company Focused in the past month on some aggressive pre-marketing for a new and intriguing smart device named Z5 - mainly through a number Which presented a different piece of the product envelope at a time, and promised us margins that simply do not exist on three sides of the display panel, except for a small "chin" at the bottom of the Salafi camera. It looks pretty amazing, and it seems to have been a bit too good to be true - because now the practical launch of the smartphone has left us with a strong sense of missed opportunity.

The official, Z5 is similar to what we were promised - but really not the same. The screen has a top notch for the camera that certainly did not appear in the teasers, which along with the lower chin in question makes the overall look much less polished. If that were not enough, a real photograph of the device reveals that, too PR of the real thing has been adjusted and polished, to present a more modest margin than what you would get from the product if you decide to purchase it.

On the right - the Z5 appears in reality

This is the point to make it clear that the real Z5 is a smartphone that should be very lucrative, with an elongated IPS screen of 6.2-inch that still occupies a considerable and relatively impressive percentage of the front of the product, Snapdragon 636 is an efficient and up-to-date octagonal, dynamic 6 memory with 64 gigabyte or 128 gigabytes of storage, a dual main photography array made up of a 16 megapixel unit and a 8 megapixel unit, Built-in 3,300mAh and even an 3.5 millimeter connection to headphones (yes, that's not a mistake) - all in a price tag the starting price is equivalent to only $ 200. It's just not what we were promised, by the top managers of In themselves and in themselves.

That's how it looks like the teasers we were promised before launch

The Z5 is It is intriguing with quite a bit of potential, it seems, but all the distortions and lies (it is hard to find another word for this, in fact) that accompanied the process will definitely not add to the market, especially among Western consumers who are not exactly in love with the brand in the context of . Hopefully, Apex, the other "screen-all" smartphone, will not prove to be a similar disappointment.

Technological production limitations may have prevented Lenovo from achieving the product we applied to - but this is certainly no excuse for misleading consumers prior to the announcement


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  1. נכנסתי וחשבתי שאני הולך לקרוא על הונאת פירמידה, קנוניה לרצוח מישהו, או מינימום מינימום זיוף מבחני ביצועים.
    קיבלתי "למכשיר יש מסגרת עבה במילימטר מהתמונות קונספט"
    כתבתם הגדרה חדשה לפתגם "עשית הר מעכבר"

    1. @EGarchmorph אתה לא צודק. הם עשו הר של PR ושמועות על המכשיר עם השוליים הכי צרים עם אחסון 4TB כאילו הם הולכים להוציא את המכשיר המושלם שלאף אחד אין, ובסוף הוציאו מכשיר סטנדרטי לגמרי.

      אז אף אחד לא מרגיש "מרומה". פשוט בזים ללנובו השקרנית

    2. "התרמית הגדולה" הוא מה שאומר לעצמו כל טכנאי שפותח לפטופ תקציבי של החברה הזאת.

  2. It's not a scam, as if what Lenovo did with a Moto switch. Lenovo sees only signs of well-being and in the immediate future, customer trust for the weak. Their worst update policies, product reliability has dropped significantly.

  3. אם כבר גלשנו לתרמיות, לא, הסופר מעבד 28 ליבות של אינטל
    הוא לא תרמית ….

    וואללה, נהיה סדום ועמורה בעולם הטכנולוגי.

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