Lenovo's competitor to Redmi Note 3 continues to be exposed in parts of HWzone

Lenovo's competitor to Redmi Note 3 continues to be exposed in parts

The Chinese manufacturer continues to provide us with glimpses of its next smartphone, which will probably be the K4 Note and will probably target direct competition against one of the most profitable smartphones ever created

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When we met XumiX's Redmi Note 3 For the first time, we couldn't help but describe it as an unprecedented smartphone, thanks to the very high quality specification it offered for a little less than 200 dollars, which we certainly haven't seen before in the category. Still, Blanovo does not seem afraid of their home competitor - and is now preparing for the launch of Try to make us forget about the new Redmi Note at once. The K4 Note, ostensibly.

The Chinese manufacturer has already published a number of teaser pictures for what many believe will be the official successor To K3 Note, One of the best and most profitable discounted devices we met last year, which was and is a significant competition for Redmi Note 2's . The new and mysterious model is displayed under the slogan Killer Note 2016, and given all these details, the conclusion seems pretty clear.

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It is now known for certain that Lenovo's new smartphone will offer 3GB of RAM, NFC communications and built-in fingerprint scanner, with estimates that will also contain 32GB of built-in storage and will be officially displayed during the CES 2016 exhibition, To continue to expand out of the market in the Far East and to the international market.

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The other details about the K4 Note are not yet known, but we will not be surprised to find that he also offers Helio X10 Octagonal cores of Mediatek, a high-quality 5.5 screen and a body made of metal or in combination with metal, roughly like the candidate from a record. At the same time, we will not object to revealing in retrospect that Lenovo has jumped a step forward and decided to include the new model 652 / 650 or 808, which will be an extraordinary and interesting alternative to the best of Mediatech, providing a more fundamental difference between the two competing models.


The K3 Note was a great interstitial device. Let us hope that his successor will not disappoint either


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  1. I have the k3 note. Excellent device for its low price (I got NIS 550). His camera is really bad and the rum coming from China is very slow, stuck all the time and full of cheap apps that can't be removed without a mess.
    After naming another rum the device became crazy. (The camera is still bad: P).

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