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Lenovo launches: a smartphone that is also a little tablet

The Lenovo Tab V7 is a device that attempts to completely erase the thin line between Modern to small tablets that were very popular in the past

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looks like Is one of the largest international companies still believing in the concept of Which are based on the Android system (even after Google itself announced that it had actually given up the category), and reminds us now of the launch of the Lenovo Tab V7 - Along with all the other relevant characteristics of the smartphone world.

This interesting intermediate device offers consumers an IPS screen of no less than 6.95 inches (even longer than the Mi Mi Max 3 of animate) and 2,160 × 1,080 pixels, with Snapdragon 450 octagonal cores of Qualcomm in 14, a nanometer lithography system Up-to-date pie, dynamic memory of 3GB or 4GB, volume Built-in 32GB or 64GB, pair Front stereo with Dobly Atmos support and a very generous built-in 5,180mAh battery that is supposed to do wonders based on the modest chip inside, even taking into account the large display panel.

The dimensions, the mirror and the front speakers all convey the look of a tablet - but the internal capabilities are , So you can have the best of both worlds

Your smartphone includes two slots for SIM cards with call support, just like any other Other, plus one 13 single-megapixel camera, built-in rear fingerprint scanner, 5 megapixel camera, connectivity 802.11ac Dual Channel, Connectivity 4.2, radio receiver and more - all in a shell with a fairly reasonable weight of 195 and a thickness of just under 8 millimeters.

there is Great with author Type-C modern, slot For storage expansion and even a slot At your service

God- Tab V7 is available for purchase in the Indian market at the price of 13,000 rupees (about 189 USD) for model with 32GB of storage and 3GB of And at a price 15,000 rupees (about 218 dollars) per model with 64GB for storage and 4GB of . Should we have the fingers to reach us in the Holy Land, or should he stay somewhere in the Far East? Tell what you think about the reactions.

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