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The smart products you did not know you needed at surprising prices

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Rumba for your home windows? Apparently there is such a thing - Alfawise S70 is Which will be able to spark a square meter of glass within three minutes, control the remote control and an internal battery that should provide up to 30 minutes of operation. If you are tired of working hard it is definitely worth considering this lovely assistant, who also comes with a European charging socket that fits the Israeli electricity grid.

The Chinese continue to bring us patents for cleanliness

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promo code: ILMARCS70

Price: 125 USD, plus shipping to the country starting from the cost of only one dollar.

It turns out that printing a home 3D is not a business that must cost thousands or tens of thousands of shekels - Creality's Ender 3 home screen will print elements up to 25 centimeters in size and up to 22 square centimeter in working with OBJ, STL or GCode format based on an online connection or an SD card to work completely independently. Please note that the product is required to assemble independently and comes with a European outlet that is suitable for the Israeli market.

Is it time to start a new hobby?

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promo code: 6QQB3QASL0

Price: 176 USD, plus shipping to the country starting at the starting rate of 5.52 USD.

Need a screwdriver to do modest assembly and disassembly around the house without ripping the pocket? Bosch's well-known Go model (and countless other fields) is for you with a sane cost, a low weight of about 280 grams, cable charging And a battery that would last about eight hours. It is always nice to have such a product at hand when needed.

The tiny screwdriver from Bush - note that it comes with a single cross head, but will fit the various types of bits sold for the company models

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promo code: F6GO9ZF0KB

Price: 38 USD, plus free shipping to Israel.


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  1. Ender 3 Great printer I highly recommend, I also bought from Greibest and if you choose to send the exelot then before the departure from China, you receive a tax payment from Excelsot so that customs passes quickly and smooth and received the heavy package to the house :-).

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