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LG returns to the tablet market - with an antique processing chip

Remember the Snapdragon 821 that starred on top smart devices in 2016? He seems to be the one to turn on The next G Pad

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If previously it could be argued that a company Draws a lot of inspiration from other and more successful manufacturers of smart devices, today it can be stated that it is one of the units that does not succumb to trends and continues in its unique way, with maintaining the earphone slot and the storage expansion slot, based on a military standard for durability of products with no fall design and choice Holes on the screen or cameras pop up.

It's hard to tell how successful this restrained approach actually is for the Korean manufacturer, but it doesn't seem to be planning too many revolutions in the near future - in fact, Her next Android may feel like a real nostalgic shell with the use of a processing chip whose name we haven't heard in almost two years.

One of many documentation for the G Pad 5 on the way

For two years since we got a launch of tablets from the G Pad brand , But a plethora of evidence from various sources on the network leads us to conclude that the company is planning a comeback of the series under the requested name G Pad 5 - where that name should include several different models below it with different capacity in alleged batteries (between 6,000mAh and 8,200mAh, assuming there is no record error One of the sources).

Technical specification of Luzi - although it is not yet clear to us whether there will be additional models with different sized panels, Different capacity and possibly different processing chips

One of the 5 G Pad family tablets should offer an 10.1-inch IPS screen and 1,600 × 1,200 pixel resolution, 4GB dynamic memory, 32GB internal storage - and a processing chip 821, for some reason.

We're excited to see some resurgence on Android-based tablets, on both sides With a couple of interesting launches this past year and others - but hope to see a little more effort and resources invested

It's not clear to us whether this is an attempt to dispose of chips that remain somewhere in its inventory, as can now be found at Modern chips are more efficient than the series 600 and 700 can provide similar processing power to the old flagship chip, but hey - let's hope the price is going to be (for the better) no less surprising than the choice of the hint hardware.


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  1. It really seems that LG has closed with Qualcomm on a huge amount of SD821 and is unable to resign from them. There's no normal reason to announce devices in 2019 with this chip, and LG has already had it embedded in G7 fit, Q6, Q9.

  2. That sounds pretty dumb .. mainly considering that tablets have been decaying for years. It's a shame they didn't take the opportunity to get something more interesting .. Like a dedicated tablet for games, for example, the size of 10 inches

    1. @ClassMulder The specific Gpad is sold well in companies like att that sell it locked on a mobile version.

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