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Like everyone else, but a little different: Meet Huawei's three flagship devices

The largest Chinese manufacturer continues its journey from the financial world to the premium world with sophisticated cameras, large screens and a processor Who is looking for a winning application

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It is possible to like or dislike modern Huawei smart devices, but it can not be denied that they are leading it in the right direction to the top, with sales that are growing each time and making its name more prestigious, one that has been sometimes verified in the same breath with those of Waffle.

The company's new Mate 10 devices are undoubtedly still the same, despite their attempt to present them as an innovative breakthrough - but they also serve as a further refinement to the familiar formula, and could certainly help it determine its second-position in the smartphone market.

I love big screens, and I hope you too

The new base model, the Mate 10, will provide consumers with a very generous 5.9-inch screen with IPS technology and QHD resolution, plus 4 gigabytes of agile LPDDR4x memory, 64 gigabytes of Built in UFS 2.1 standard that can be extended with cards , Basic IP53 protection for water and dust droplets, a complete metal shell and also front.

All new models come with a screen with the least possible margins, but one of them appeals to those who do not really like the trend of the extended display that became very popular in 2017

The newer Mate 10 Pro will offer a screen Elongated 2,160 × 1,080 pixel resolution and diagonal size of 6 inches, along with 6 GB of LPDDR4x memory and 128 GB of Quickly built in, IP67 protection is more advanced against water and dust and a fingerprint scanner located on the back of the device. There is also an ultra-luxury Porsche Design version of the device, which offers almost identical technical specifications except for a few other visual elements - and volume Built-in dual impressive 256 gigabyte.

The PD model is still particularly expensive, and is especially suitable for those whose money is not a consideration

The internal components that will be common to all three models are the new Kirin 970 processor from HiSilicon, a four-core Cortex A73, four more Cortex A53 cores and a built-in Mali-G71MP12 graphics core, a very intriguing photography array that includes a main 12 unit 20 A secondary megapixel camera with grayscale cameras, both with a very impressive maximum f / 1.6 shutter key, an optical image stabilization system and automatic focus based on four different technologies, a 8 megapixel camera for SLF with a maximum f / 2.0 shutter key, Oreo with XUUMX EMUI interface, modem Which supports maximum download speeds of over gigabits per second and on sites In MIMO 4 × 4 configuration, chips And built-in infrared transmitters - and a fast charging 4,000mAh battery.

Will it become one of the most advanced photography units on the market? Technical data indicate that this is possible

Another very interesting element included in each Kirin 970 is the neural network processing engine, or NPU, designed to perform artificial intelligence calculations based on training information that will be received locally or from cloud servers online. The goal is to perform advanced data identification and adaptations based on the development tools Itself in the field and parallel development tools of Huawei, where two examples of technology implementation will be the ability to identify and translate words and sentences fast and offline through the application of , And the ability to identify scenes and adjust them automatically in the Photo app . Will this concept elevate and give real and tangible advantage to Mate 10 over others? It is still too early to determine.

The chip inside has great potential and interesting capabilities, but without much commitment from the developer community, it is doubtful whether it will have a significant impact on the mobile world

It would be very interesting to see how much The new Kirin 970 is lagging in performance after Apple's best, (With the optics of the famous Leica company, of course) will face the new leaders of the field, how long will the battery be generous under יאו יאו יאו יאו יאו.... יאו יאו........................... All of these can have a significant impact on the success of the models in the long term, and probably also on how the next supermodel models of the manufacturer will appear in 2018.

The design will not knock you off the chair, but it also has a unique twist that will differentiate it from all the other models of competitors

intrested? The standard Mate 10 will be offered next month in four shades with a relatively affordable price tag of 700 EUR (including tax). The Mate 10 Pro will be offered in four other shades with a cost of EUR 800, while the Mate 10 PD will be offered in black only at the price of 1,350 EUR, which suddenly no longer looks so delusional in a market where several new models cross the 1,000 / USD mark without apologizing for it.

Different shades for each version

What do you think of this trio? Write in comments.


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  1. The transition to premium will not strengthen market control, if that is their goal. The competitors are waiting.

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