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Samsung Introduces: Luxury at a Cut Price

Meet the new Galaxy A devices , Ensuring high quality design, impressive display and good shooting capabilities in less than 400 EUR. Will they succeed?

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The Galaxy A8 and Galaxy A8 Plus models launched right at the beginning of the current year enjoy considerable popularity, even here in Israel, and fairly competitive prices for the value they can provide - which may explain why Samsung Have decided to try and stretch the popularity of this premium-to-lower-premium series to the lower end and even more accessible price levels, J and the E: Meet the A6 and A6 Plus.

New smartphones Bring the Super screens Popularity is surprisingly good for the price, with the standard A6 offering an extended 5.6-inch panel at an 1,480 × 720 pixel resolution, while the A6 Plus includes an extended 6-inch panel at 2,200 × 1,080 pixels.

The design is different from that of other 2018 models - Still feeling similar and familiar

The Galaxy A6 is based on Exynos 7870 is the octagonal and very effective (at the expense of basic graphics performance) of Samsung, plus dynamic memory of 3 GB or 4 GB, built-in storage of 32 GB or 64 'Expandable Gigabyte, Android and latest Urao system, Built-in, Built-in back, 16 single rear megapixel camera with proper f / 1.7 shutter key, front 16 front-facing XMUMX camera with dedicated LED flash and 3,000mAh battery supporting quick charging.

Quality screens, and maybe my life Surprisingly for the better, there are supposed to be show stars here - while performance may be a disappointment for some consumers

The Galaxy A6 Plus offers 450 is an upgraded octagonal octagon (especially from the aspect of graphics capabilities, thanks to its Adreno 506 core), identical structured memory volumes, Identify and Enhance Photo Array Composed of 16 Main Rear Pixel Camera Combined with 5 Secondary Megapixel Camera, 24 Megapixel Selfie Camera with LED Flash - and the 3,500mAh battery is enlarged according to size and display resolution.

The enlarged model and dual cameras are capable of providing an adaptive bokeh effect to images - unlike its discounted brother

Both devices will include noise-filtering support based on a microphone array, a dedicated button to operate the smart assistant Bixby, a full and relatively thin metallic body, support for the payment platform Pay, support for basic on-screen display even when turned off and support for Dolby Atmos technology to improve audio quality based on (In the classical and familiar analog connection that exists in the pair, to our delight).

Four shades - two of which are refreshing and the other two more traditional

The models will be available for purchase in the coming weeks in four shades - and the prices? 310 Euros for the small model includes taxes and 370 Euros for the larger model of the two, as may be the prices with for the versions with increased storage volumes, while versions with More modest can be achieved at even lower prices. Are there any candidates for the best smartphones in less than 1,500 for new shekels for 2018? We'll soon find out. Let us share your views in the comments, for the time being.


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  1. redmi note The new 5 for a little over $ 200.
    I think the big companies have nothing more to offer in the midrange market, this era has passed.

  2. A lot of people do not want the Xiamen but a regular Android (like the A1).

    As for the conclusion you are right, Samsung has filled people buying like a herd, but sublime to me how Sony and HTC continue to bring out expensive devices with tin specifications

  3. In Thessaly I have Yoami and I am very happy with it, but I do consider switching to A6 because I have Samsung smart watch - so pay and NFC connectivity are probably nice upgrades that might be worth the price gap .. undecided ..

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