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Max Gaming, here in Israel: Nubia Red Magic 3S is available for purchase

The new ZTE model offers 855 Plus, a 90 Hz screen and a huge battery for a surprisingly good price of NIS 2,200

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A few months ago, we told you about an intriguing gaming device that landed it on a network of bug stores-Nubia Red Magic 3 from the Chinese ZTE sub-brand, Which has gained some media attention around the world for being the first smartphone on the market with an array Active internal that includes a tiny fan and camera with photography support .

We do not know how popular this model was among Israeli consumers, despite the powerful specifications of the price that included the 855, a 90 Hz high refresh screen and a 5,000mAh battery - but it seems to have garnered enough interest in Bug's terms, as he can now officially acquire his improved successor Magic 3S.

Easy improvement to an aggressive and unique gaming device

The Nubia Red Magic 3S offers a very similar shell to its predecessor with a weight of 215 grams, 9.7 mm thickness and a 6.65 inch OLED panel with 2,340 × 1,080 pixels resolution, 100 percent coverage of the DCI-P3 color gamut, maximum 90 refresh rate Gorilla Glass 4 Run and Protective Coating - plus the latest Snapdragon 855 Plus chip, 4GB LPDDR8X memory and fast built-in storage with 3.0GB UFS 128 standard, system Pie with minor changes to source by And an impressive 5,000mAh battery that supports 18-watt quick-charge charging in the Quick Charge 4.0 Plus standard.

Enter the same price slot of the model it replaces - improving processing, battery life and display quality

The Red Magic 3S offers a brighter panel than the Red Magic 3, as well as them Front stereo headphones with support for DTS standards: X and DTS 7.1, dedicated touch buttons on the body of the device for more comfortable gaming, a 48 megapixel single primary camera, a 16 megapixel selfie camera, built-in color stripe with metal backlight and more .

The internal cooling unit with a fan returns for another round, after demonstrating its efficiency in maintaining reasonable usage temperatures in its debut

God- Magic 3S is on sale for NIS 2,200, the same as the launch price of the Magic 3 (which is still available now, at a slightly reduced price) mid-year, when you visit Eilat you can enjoy a discounted tax-free cost of NIS 1,880 - plus you can choose a dedicated physical game controller for a device designed to make controlling your favorite mobile games more comfortable , At a cost of NIS 200.

Also add a physical game controller - with anchoring for the cover that comes in the case along with the smartphone

This is currently the model The cheapest 855 Plus you can get in Israel. Is that enough to compete with the major brands? Feel free to write us your thoughts.


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