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Ten minutes charging, 12 business hours: Moto One Hyper is an intriguing new smartphone from Motorola

XMUMX modern main megapixel camera, In generous capacity with very fast charging and more - this is the immortal brand new smartphone owned by Novo

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It's still too early to assess whether all of this will translate into big sales and financial successes - but there's no doubt that the presence of the Motorola name on any of the modern smartphones is now significantly strengthened, with a host of fresh devices that some may even surprise us for the better. Just a few weeks ago, it was the new folding screen Razr, and now it's the Moto One Hyper for the mid-market with a system One clean and other worthy features.

The One Hyper is the new representative in the Motorola product family (which is part of its modern incarnation of Chinese Lenovo) with a focus on an Android system devoid of unnecessary changes and additions to the Android One venture - and the most advanced right now. Alongside the "pure" 10 Android system designed to enjoy continuous and frequent security and software updates for at least two years, you will find an 6.5 × 2,340 pixel IPS screen with no pixel resolution of any kind, Snapdragon 675 octagon of , Dynamic memory of 4GB, volume Built-in 128GB with the option of expanding up to terabytes in addition to cards And a modern 4,000mAh battery with support for Hyper Charging charging up to 45 watts.

Did you think mechanical selfie cameras were about to disappear? Decides to join in the celebration a little late, right now

Rapid Charging Technology It purports to provide an average of 12 business hours on the device within ten minutes of a power outlet - though its relative disadvantage is that it is based on a dedicated charger that will be marketed individually and at extra charge, rather than as a basic part of all One Hyper purchasers as requested.

Specifications are significantly better than all devices Previous One - Just a pity that one of the most interesting and special features, fast charging for an intermediate market device, will require a separate charger purchase

The One Hyper will offer a pair of cameras at the back, including Samsung's main 64 megapixel unit and a wide-angle 8 megapixel camera, an 32 megapixel-based mechanical mechanism that pops it out of the device body, Wi-Fi connectivity 802.11ac dual channels, 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity, 3.5 millimeter slot for headphones, Built-in, Built in the back and a relatively interesting design in blue, pink or orange shade - at a recommended price tag of about $ 400 before tax, or 1,400 about NIS in direct conversion.

He probably won't be coming to the Holy Land - and that's a pity

revolutionary? Not really. interesting? For us, the answer is yes - although from the current market situation, it is likely that the chances of seeing it land in stores in the country, even through unofficial parallel importers, are minimal.

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