Meet Nova, a new international brand from the largest Chinese manufacturer

Huawei continues its attempts to capture Western markets

Huawei already has a number of internationally acclaimed flagship vehicles and the Honor brand, which has also gained significant popularity with a number of highly profitable models, but it is not the third largest manufacturer in the smartphones market - and is now unveiling a new Western brand, Nova, Up to date.

The basic Nova will feature a relatively compact 5-sized IPS screen with 1080p resolution, Snapdragon 625 xNUMXGHz octagonal cores with 2 nm process, 14GB RAM, built-in 3GB storage with microSD card slot for further expansion, system Marshmallow with 4.1 Emotion UI interface, built-in fingerprint scanner, Sony's main 12 megapixel camera with relatively large pixels of 1.25 micron and phase-based auto focus focus, a secondary 8 camera that is also from Sony - and a connector Type-C that provides fast-charging support for the 3,020mAh battery.

The Nova
The Nova

The enlarged Nova Plus contains the same Processing, the same memory- And the same storage - but enlarges the screen to an 5.5 IPS unit in 1080p resolution, replaces the main camera with the 16 megapixel camera Which also includes an optical stabilization system and increases the battery to an 3,340mAh capacity that will probably be offset fairly evenly with the larger screen that naturally requires more energy to operate. All this at a rather moderate price.

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Nova Plus
Nova Plus. Both models support photography In 4K

In terms of appearance, the two smartphones have a full but different metal shell - and while the Nova looks like a small brother of the successful Nexus 6P with a rounded body in the corners and a black stripe at the top, the Nova Plus is actually the international version of The intriguing Maimang 5 Which we told you last month.

Another success of Huawei, or there is a limit to any trick? Source:
Another success of , Or is there a limit to every prank?

Like some other Huawei smartphones, it seems that the Nova will also have one major drawback - the price. 400 Euro for the standard model and 430 Euro for the Plus model in Europe (both include tax) are high prices, which put it directly in competition with several models with Snapdragon 820 chips and a larger amount of internal storage and RAM - In front of the corresponding brand 8 Honor, Which offers for them 400 Euro More powerful processing, 4GB 's Dynamic and a dual-camera array is a bit more unique.

So far Has had a series of impressive successes with almost every step it has taken - will Nova also be part of this chain? We're not really hardcore, but we'll keep track and keep you informed.