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Microsoft is launching a competitor to Chromacast

The wireless adapters business that started big with the TV, is following him more and more companies, and today Launches Miracast standard adapter

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The "Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter", which is The second hardware product Which Microsoft launches this month, connects to the TV or screen and displays content from the connected device - all this is done via an HDMI connection and a USB connection. In contrast to And Google, which operate on standards that are tightly closed and tailored to each platform Operates on the Miracast standard, Direct - which means it is open source and highly compatible.


Connecting the adapter to the TV and turning it on


Connect to adapter with And a smartphone

With official support for Windows 8.1 and Android 4.2 and higher, Microsoft's adapter is the most open-source adapter available from any of the major companies and will run on any computer, laptop or smartphone that supports the Miracast standard. Chromacast adapter from Google, However, runs on the company's Cast standard, and is open only to apps that support the closed standard (whether it's on iOS or Android). That means that while the Android platform supports the caste standard, natural support for Windows or iPhone is not here. In order to display content from Chromecast using Chromacast, we will need Chrome and the additive that accompanies it.

In addition, as opposed to the Chromecast adapter, the Microsoft-based Miracast standard runs on Wi-Fi Direct technology, which, with internal device connectivity, does not require Internet access to the adapter directly. Apple's solution to the matter, The Darkest TV, Also operates in a standard that does not require an Internet connection, but the company's standard is closed to the " only.

The Microsoft adapter can already be bought now at an early date onCompany Website, At the price of 59.95 dollars. Although it is not cheap, the consumer has more than one platform devices (a description that probably applies to most of us) Will do the job.

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