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Microsoft unveils the Surface Duo - dual Android smartphone screen

The legends were true - the giant company introduces an instrument Its own new one, with an unusual concept and availability planned for just over a year

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What does the future of the Android system look like? Several manufacturers in the market will declare that this is a vision of unusual usage configurations that combine As they are known to us today, more or less, tablets - and this list can now be formally added to Sincerely, you will return to the field after several years of absence with the Duo.

As part of the announcement of new Surface devices, we got a glimpse at the "Smartphone" prototype Unusual, with a pair of 5.6-inch screens connected to an advanced axis capable of moving 360 degrees, much like modern hybrid mobile devices - the device can be closed so that its two screens are not visible to the user, or open it to visible screens on either side, And of course use both screens at the same time as a tiny laptop, similar to the approaches we've seen from home Vasos (although it was a decomposable docking station, while here it is a basic structured feature of the product).

Two separate 5.6-inch diagonal screens - creating a large 8.3-inch work surface together

The Surface Duo offers a system Which undergoes massive changes and does not include any other external cameras or features, and has a single front selfie camera that can also turn into an external camera when rotating the device axis in the opposite direction - but it is not surprising if all that changes until the official commercial launch is expected Just get somewhere in the holiday season of the end of 2020.

One screen can be used as a virtual keyboard or game controllers, the other for display - and of course there are a variety of other interesting options that can be implemented thanks to technology

We received prophecies and reports of a dual folding device from the Surface family about two years ago, and now we know that this is a real idea and not just a wild fantasy of enthusiasts - It's a shame we have to wait another whole year (or almost forever, in terms of the field) until it can be examined and decided whether it is a flash or a fall.

The current model is based on the Android Pie system and 855 - but it is reasonable to expect that by the end of next year we will see different and updated design and hardware

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