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Microsoft's biggest smartphone attack will begin in October

As part of the grandiose preparations for the launch of the 10, the impression that Microsoft has neglected the smart product lines we have seen has become increasingly central to the company's overall strategy in recent years.

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Now, to believe the report coming to us from China, Microsoft's material comeback is starting to take shape - This October, a major press conference will be held, where we will first get acquainted with the improved Microsoft Band 2 bracelet, tablet or new Surface family tablets Processors M new Skylake section and internal storage at significantly higher volumes and speeds, and of course a pair A new leader who will read 950 and 950 XL.


Moreover, it will be very interesting to discover whether this new line of products will succeed in making To a rising power that cannot be ignored - we will also hold fingers that this time there will be a change in attitude and perception that will help us see more devices coming to the Holy Land widely and officially.

Maybe this time we will see the surface devices in a slightly wider layout, in Israel and around the world?
Maybe this time, In a slightly wider layout, in Israel and around the world?

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