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A little addition to a big influence? These are the changes in Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung has released Of the updated folding model to be relaunched next month - and make sure to highlight the small changes made on the network

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A busy month is looking forward to Samsung, which alongside its international marketing and logistics efforts to accompany the launch of the Galaxy Note 10 models, will also need to find a way Get consumers to renew their confidence in Galaxy Fold Having the heavy price.

It is likely that we will soon see a large-scale publicity move to bring the innovative device back to consciousness, but until that happens, the company seems to be focusing on a (verbal) detailed explanation of the methods used to strengthen the durability of technology creation - which will not necessarily be clear to those who did not get a chance to explore The fold with his own hands.

Additional protection on both sides of the screen - will it affect the possible folding radius of the product and make it thicker?

On the German site allaboutsamsung.de Decided to make surfers interested in a little easier life, and based on that The new PR by the Korean manufacturer has compared and physically illustrated some of the small elements that should ensure that the fold is as reliable as any Another modern, with no moving hinges and no plastic surfaces that should survive tens of thousands of folding and retiring operations.

Minimalist changes that can hardly be noticed

The pictures show a slight reduction in the intervals between the folding axis of the fold and its two main parts where all the hardware of the device is located, as well as the reinforcement of the front side with a kind of "T" shaped shield at the top and bottom which should help prevent dust and other particles from entering Screen metal. Is that all it takes to wonderfully upgrade product reliability? We'll probably find out soon.

Upgraded front - side by side with the previous version of the Fold

Other improvements that cannot be discerned with an external image of the device are additional layers of metal underneath the flexible display panel designed to enhance its durability, as well as the plastic cover over the screen that now extends below the edges of the device casing so that it is completely clear that it is not intended for removal. Indeed done In the previous version Wrong by several experimenters and also resulted in the destruction of the valuable product.

It's worth noting that some of those attempts at removing the flexible display panel protector were born due to aesthetic curvature in the device's appearance along its folding axis - and it would be very interesting to find out whether Samsung has succeeded in overcoming this relative disadvantage that doesn't really add credit to external appearance.

PR officials made sure to dispel this distortion on the Fold front, but it was clearly visible to some of the early experimenters - and it would be interesting to find out if some of the improvements had affected it as well

Believers In Galaxy Fold, Prefer the The Mate X Or are you sure the whole field is nothing more than a passing madman? Let's tell us in the comments.


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