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Modern look, outdated rendering: Sony's new basic smartphone

Original article: Introducing the Xperia L4 that adopts his brother's ultra-long screens to the Japanese manufacturer's house - but does so in combination with Very basic from Mediatek

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The huge differences in capabilities between Sony's various divisions, which, on the one hand, are unquestionably controlling in the field of photography sensors and in the world of gaming gamers, and on the other hand, find it very difficult to offer competitive creations in other technological fields - sadly continue with us in 2020, with the announcement of God- L4.

The brand new budget model born somewhere in 2013 adopts the elongated 21: 9 screens of the other modern Xperia models, with a 6.2-inch diagonal size and a relatively unique 1,680 × 720 pixel resolution based on a 3GB display panel with 64GB Of dynamic memory and 5.1 GB for internal storage based on the scalable eMMC 3.5 standard, Android Pie system, built-in fingerprint scanner with side power button, XNUMX millimeter slot for headphones, Built-in 3,580mAh battery with fast charging support.

He looked totally bad about a lot Other budgets - but the inside capabilities won't impress anyone in 2020, and won't necessarily suffice for even the most basic users

Despite upgrading the photo array to a triangle with a 13 megapixel main unit, a 5 megapixel wide-angle camera and a 2 megapixel depth sensor to create a bokeh effect, plus an 8 megapixel front-facing camera - the L4 will continue to use Mediatek's basic and weak Helio P22 chip, identical to the one responsible for processing on L3 a year ago (and considered a part of it back then) and has been accompanying us since early 2018.

In those days even With a price tag of around 100 euros able to offer significantly improved processing power this is a major disadvantage from Sony - which joins the use of connectivity 802.11n only, while the standard The latest and faster 802.11ac can certainly be considered by default.

The supply of the devices Israel has recently shrunk significantly, so the chances of seeing the launch of the L4 in the local landscape is very small, because the L3 didn't land here - and maybe it would be better, right?

Sony has yet to reveal an official price tag of the Xperia L4, which will be available in stores in a few months, during the spring months in Europe (in blue or black) - but based on price tags of 160 euros and 170 euros (NIS 590-630 in direct conversion) ) At the launch of the Xperia L3 in Europe last year, it is reasonable to expect a similar price this year as well. A price that would be very difficult to justify facing Chinese and Koreans with hardware are preferable on several levels and in many aspects.

updating: Sony updates the smartphone to reach European countries during the second quarter of the year, somewhere between April and June, with a recommended price tag of € 200 including taxes - about NIS 745 in direct conversion that is unlikely to compete with models already available in Israel today For the same price.


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