Motorola smartphones at operational prices, now Amazon

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Another opportunity to purchase the 6 and X Style at competitive prices

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The shopping craze The end of the year is no doubt less, but that does not mean that there are no quality deals that pop up from time to time, both in our small country and in the international online stores - and now there's one in Amazon for a pair of smartphones from home .

Amazon USA is offered for purchase Moto X Pure Edition, Also known as Moto X Style anywhere else in the world and offers an 5.7-inch screen with QHD resolution, 808 hexagonal, memory Of 3GB, volume 32GB and a 21 megapixel camera that received praise, for a price Of 350 dollars. It is not possible to ship directly to Israel, but it is also possible to arrive at a reasonable amount (for a flag instrument) of about NIS 2.

The American version of the Moto X also supports all Israeli cellular frequencies, to our delight
The American version of the " X supports all Israeli cellular frequencies, to our delight

A little more attractive price The same device can be found in Amazon France, where it is offered with direct delivery to Israel, for about EUR 464, which is about NIS 1,950, which also includes tax payments in Israel.

At the same time, Amazon France is also offered Smartphone Hanks 6 favorite, 32GB, for 411 (about NIS 1,750), which includes both the taxes and the shipment to Israel - a fairly good offer, which costs about NIS 500 from the prices for the same model in Israel.

A pair of devices deserve a little better than usual prices Source:
A pair of worthy devices at slightly better prices than usual

If you are excited and decided to go for it, we will always recommend doing so as soon as possible - the Amazon operation in the US will be completed in less than 12 hours, and the operations on the French site are still in stock, which may soon be available.