MSI launches advanced HWzone gaming motherboards

MSI Launches Advanced Gaming Motherboard Series

MSI Turns to the computer players among you with a new set of motherboards
MSI is now launching a series of games that, apart from impressive looks, also offers advanced features to help everyone Wherever he is while playing.
The emphasis on the motherboards is, as noted above, on the player's game experience. They contain theKiller E2200, A network card that allows bandwidth prioritization for games that helps prevent annoying bugs, an advanced sound card that allows to simulate surround sound even on stereo headsets, maximum fit for up to three And theOC Genie 2 Which allows At the touch of a button.
In the development of motherboards was co-Patrick "cArn"Sattermon, chief gaming officer in the group Fnatic And now he says "me PROFESSIONAL has been in 10 for years and represents the group Fnatic Since 2006. We've joinedMSI In order to develop the best gaming hardware for computer players,Z77 GAMING של MSI. For theZ77 GAMING There are all the tools that a gamer can wish for. All I have to do now is just play. "
Since not all gamers are identical, there is a series of four motherboards:Z77A-GD65 Which leads the series but also the most expensive,Z77A-G45, God-Z77A-G43 and the-B75A-G43 Which contain fewer features but also cost less money respectively. We hope that the new boards will make a good impression and succeed, we at least believe that the combination of colors they choseMSI Looks nice and professional.

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