NISNXX and above: The Galaxy S3,000 will arrive in Israel next week

The aggressive marketing system is already at its peak and early orders for the NIS 99 advance have already begun - from the beginning of next week we will be able to find the new trinity of On the store shelves

The many ads you've probably already met on a screen or wall near you - and now comes the preorder for The Galaxy S10 Plus, the new Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10e, Which will be officially launched in Israel by the local representative at 3 in March, in exactly one week.

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The NIS 99 advance payment is available on the company's official website in Israel and in several computer networks and other gadgets in Israel and among the cellular operators. The prices expected for us at the beginning of the sale are 3,000 NIS for the S10e with 128GB for storage and 6GB for dynamic memory, 3,500 NIS for the standard S10 with 128GB for storage and 8GB for RAM and NISNUMX for S4,000 Plus in volumes Identical to those of the S10.

Not all sub-models and all colors will be available in our country, it seems, at least in the beginning - the S10e is offered in black or white only, without its unique yellow color, and only one choice of storage and dynamic memory, similar to the available S10 Without selecting black, white or blue tones. God- S10 Plus is the only one that will be offered with an impressive volume of 512GB, but only in white or black. And the peak volume of one terabyte is not at this point, unfortunately.

Want a refreshing and unusual color? You'll likely have to wait a little longer before purchasing

Those who choose to purchase the models will definitely benefit from this - with a declared "VIP package" of NIS 1,000 that includes a compatible wireless charger, a slippery rod that can also be used as a tripod, an arm for connecting with a car with wireless charging support, For vehicle igniter and microSD card 128GB volume. All this plus charger, charging cable, simple silicone protector, adapter And AKG headsets that come with the devices for everyone, and not just for those coming up in the next few days.

The first purchaser's package is a nice bonus, but we are a little disappointed that it does not include the headset, The new wireless buds (or at least some discount for them)

So what do you think - are these prices fair and worthwhile for the glory of the work from home , Or would it be better to continue to wait for the arrival of parallel import devices that would begin a tough price war in the market? Let's talk about it in comments.