You have to see to believe: XumiX's technology will charge batteries in HNzone minutes
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You have to see to believe: XumiX's technology will charge batteries in 17 for minutes

The Chinese company ignites the imagination with the loading of a futuristic FT 100 that can fill 4,000mAh capacity at high speed 3 from everything we have met to date

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We have to admit that Xiaomi has a problem: it has set itself a very high standard for my life Specifically with its generous redmini, with generous 4,000mAh capacity on most models - which places a relatively third light on its Mi-class luxury products, which generally make use of more modest capacity batteries to maintain compact dimensions at best.

In order to overcome the relative disadvantage, we have seen the Chinese manufacturer support the rapid loading of 27 watts in the products of the current year - although it is not at all certain that it is sufficient to deal with some of the parallel manufacturers, which also offer capacity Large and very fast loading. However, it seems that it is really not worth doing in the meantime - a new video reveals to us Revolutionary that may place it as a leader in the field of batteries in the near future.

Super Charge Turbo is a somewhat bizarre branding, we have to admit - but the technology behind it is special and serious

Brief documentation on the company's official page shows loading technology With a maximum output of no less than 100 watts - in a head-to-head comparison with Super VOOC technology Which is considered to be the most advanced and fastest today with a maximum power supply of 50 watts.

The final result is amazing, as expected - the 4,000mAh battery reaches more than 40 in just five minutes, 75 charges within 10 minutes, and the full capacity is only within 17 minutes, compared with the 31 "long" For full capacity.

Oppo uses a pair Which are loaded with up to 25 watts each at the same time in order to reach its impressive final figure - is it possible that in an ultrasound there is a greater number of cells , Or are there any exotic materials that replace lithium-ion and support increased currents? As of now we can only guess

The video was published without further information, so we do not know when we may see this development in real devices in the stores, or whether it is a prototype of a practical prototype or just a concept video designed to illustrate something that is currently only in the laboratory exam. However, it is hard not to be impressed or even moved by the thought that soon five or ten minutes a day will be enough to ensure my life For an entire day, as an alternative to the one hour or even two hour loads that were common until recently in almost all models.

Will the documentation from an international organization spur Oppo, the And other players at the forefront of batteries to reveal their promising future developments? We will not object.


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