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New Peak: Get to know your Zenfone 2 smartphone with built-in storage 256GB

You thought it was bloated The built-in 128GB is impressive? Bassus continues to perfect their flagship device and present a version with unprecedented double volume

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The Zenfone 2 is one of the only devices available in the market with volume Built-in maximum of 128 gigabytes (although not quite easy to actually achieve), especially if you consider that it also includes a slot For further details.

Now, Basus announces a move that makes them a leader in the entire category - with the unveiling of a special version of Zenfone 2 Deluxe (itself a "special version" of the standard Zenfone 2 announced earlier this year) that offers unprecedented built-in storage of 256 C GB, plus an expansion slot for additional 128 gigabytes and impressive specifications as well overall Quad core and memory atom Of 4GB.


There is no doubt that this is an important step forward, which in the not too distant future will also be seen by other prominent manufacturers in the smartphone market - and will eventually help continue the trend in devices Smartphones are becoming replacements for personal computers for a large number of consumers.

It is not yet known how much the 256 gigabyte will cost and how common or rare it will be, but we will definitely continue to follow and update you.

Asus's unique smartphone becomes even more unique
S unique smartphone Becomes even more unique

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  1. Before investing in really important things like customer service, product quality, battery quality, GPS health that too many Android devices are causing trouble, and then storage.
    Every Android device I have ever owned or my friends breaks down very quickly, a battery depletes quickly, a camera is no longer as good as ever, and other very delusional issues.

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