New price, new volume: The Redmi Note 7 becomes more profitable

The official local importer cuts the price of the new middle model - and launches a version with Double the original price tag

The Redmi Note 7 Pro may be Will not reach Israel, as stated, But it is consoling that at least one of the improved features of this model is now available in the local market - at a competitive price.

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Hamilton announced that it is now the official recommended price of the standard Redmi Note 7 model, with 64GB for storage and 4GB of Will be NIS 1,000, instead of NIS 1,150 at the source - a price that will enable significant competition with the various parallel importers, which enable the purchase of the popular model at a starting price of only NIS 835, which will probably still be reduced by several tens of shekels in the uncompromising struggles in the market.

New prices - and they are probably the most competitive from the Hamilton company to this day, with regard to the smart devices of Xiomi

Along with the source model, we received an upgrade to an improved model of the Redmi Note 7, with 128GB of storage and 4GB of RAM at a recommended price of NIS 1,150, A50 is newly marketed with volumes Identical to the recommended cost of 1,350 shekels.

This version of the device is not widely available in Israel through parallel imports at this stage, but it can be cautiously estimated that this too will change soon - and then we can find the model at prices close to or even lower than 1,000 shekels.

We continue to be slightly optimistic about the launch of the new Pro model in Israel - and at the same time wonder when the Redmi 7 will be launched, and at what price levels

There is no doubt that we will be happy to see storage volumes of 128GB and above, as well as volumes Dynamic 6GB, become the new default in 2019, even in intermediate products - and if you base on the launches of the last month it seems that we are definitely in the right direction.