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New in Israel: Xiaomi's discounted smartphone and smart watch

Two other intriguing products from leading Chinese manufacturer are available for local purchase shortly after their initial announcement

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Looking for Or a current watch for less than 1,000? You should say hello to Redmi 8 and Amazfit GTR who have just landed in the local sector thanks to local representative Hamilton.

The Redmi 8 is the twin brother of the Redmi 8A that landed in Israel a few weeks ago, with some small but high quality improvements. You'll find an 6.22-inch IPS screen at 1,520 × 720 pixels resolution, 439 octagon, dynamic memory of 3GB or 4GB, volume 32GB or 64GB with additional expandability, rear camera pair, Built-in rear and massive 5,000mAh battery with support for 18 watt agile charging (relatively).

Impressive specs for a starting price - but we have no doubt it will continue to drop to about NIS 500 levels in the coming months

The Redmi 8 is offered in Israel with a two-year warranty in blue or black, and at a cost of NISX for a model with 670GB of RAM and 3GB of storage and 32 for a model with 750GB of RAM and 4GB for storage - this compares with the price of NIS 64 for Redmi 555A with single rear camera, no biometric scanner and Dynamic Memory 8GB. These prices will undoubtedly have nowhere else to go (indicating a price of about NIS 2 for the 550GB model that can already be found at parallel importers), but even at these levels this is not a bad deal at all - especially if my life Particularly long are a feature that is much more important to you than the processing power.

The official site also features the nice green hue - though it is not yet available for purchase

The Amazfit GTR is a state-of-the-art smart watch with one of the most prestigious high-profile partnerships with a built-in GPS receiver, waterproof pressure of up to 5 atmospheres (or up to 50 meters depth) and a continuous measuring pulse sensor - available on display 42 millimeter diameter for those who prefer slightly smaller and finer watches, or 47 millimeter diameter for those who love both presence and life watches It is preferable for up to 24 days in a row (in standard mode, without GPS reception).

Screens High resolution (relatively) rounds await you inside

The smaller model is available for purchase in shade (for the metal watch body and the strap cross) black, white or pink for NIS 777 - while the larger model is available with a black watch and brown strap for NIS 820 - when some stores can find a discounted price NIS 750 and NIS 790 respectively, still from the same official importer.

These smartwatches were recently launched in Chinese online stores at a starting price of 150 dollars - and in the meantime, there seems to be no discounted imports of theirs to Israel

Worth the investment or not really? Feel free to tell us what you think in the comments.


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