New photos of the Galaxy S7 display a familiar look and record performance from HWzone

New photos of the Galaxy S7 show a familiar look and record-breaking performance

The standard model and the Smartphone Edge model come from home Have been documented in seemingly practical and authentic photographs, including a most impressive result in the Antutu performance test

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Sunday, February 21 is approaching big steps - and with it the intriguing visibility of The Galaxy S7 models The FreshAnd LG G5 models), Which are now documented for the first time, seemingly, in their final appearance.

A pair of images originating from the Chinese network Weibo shows us the back of the " The Standard S7 has a flat screen, S7 Edge (or perhaps the- S7 Edge Plus) with the curved screen on its sides.

The rear of the standard Galaxy S7
The back of the Standard S7

The photos show that the new model will look almost identical to the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, with a rectangular home button and a rounded glass back cover - alongside a smaller-legged camera and a body that may be thicker due to the occupancy of the Larger capacity batteries And mainly due to The intended return of the protection against water and dust.

The front of the Galaxy S7 Edge (or Edge Plus), combined with a great Antutu result
The front of the S7 Edge (or Edge Plus), combined with a great Antutu result

Those hoping for another revolution in design may be disappointed with the news, but those hoping for an unprecedented level of performance will be delighted to find a score of no less than 134,000 points on the popular Antutu 6 test, in the Edge model photographed - a result higher than the 6S Plus, and actually higher than what we've seen at all As far as he is concerned.

The latest impressive results are combined with improved results for the Galaxy S7 devices recently observed in the Geekbench test
The latest impressive results fit well with the improved results S7 recently viewed the Geekbench test

It is unclear whether the documented device was based on Exynos 8890 or on God- 820, but the result of this list joins several other pieces of information from recent days, which together make it clear to us that the Korean giant is aiming to crown the performance of the market this year as well. Will be interesting.


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