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One of the most lucrative smartphones in Europe provides full battery charging in half an hour

The Realme X2 Pro from home Starred in review - and at the same time sets a new standard for fast charging times with generous capacity batteries

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Realme's X2 Pro smartphone, The Oppo Indian brand that has now begun its international expansion, sounds intriguing right from its announcement - with Snapdragon 855 Plus, Super Screen Advanced 6.5 inches with refresh rate of up to 90 Hz, UFS fast, Stereo, Built-in under the screen, a square rear camera includes a main 64 megapixel unit, an 4,000mAh battery with SuperVOOC Flash charging at 50 watts and even a 3.5 millimeter slot for , All at a pretty amazing price starting at 400 Euro including tax.

Now, we have a review that makes it clear that The X2 Pro Not only impressive in the dry data on paper but also practical - especially if my life And loading times are crucial factors in your eyes.

Charging breaking records on a device with a cost of less than 2,000? Apparently there is such an animal, at least in Europe

according to Review on the popular gsmarena site, The new lucrative smartphone manages to excel in many areas relative to all the competitors you'll find at the same price levels - the screen is definitely high quality, the design is good and tough, the performance great, the sound quality excellent, the biometric scanner very agile and the quality of the photos (at least in the main sensor), with a variety of options A match that can be played with.

We were promised 35 minutes charging, but it turns out that only 30 minutes are enough - and soon, even faster charging devices will be available, with up to 65 watts

With respect to the features of the previous paragraph, X2 Pro's most prominent capability seems to be its built-in battery - the device's results in the familiar and comprehensive battery life test of the site are impressive in all aspects, including browsing times, video viewing times and waiting times, especially in relation to For a refreshed refresh rate screen. Add to that a charge that exceeds all expectations and brings the battery capacity from zero to 100 percent in exactly 30 minutes (less than the 35 minutes promised by Exposure status) and you've got a combination that definitely looks and feels like a winner.

This is not a problem-free device, of course, but at a cost impossible to deny the exhilarating cost-benefit ratio it provides

It is worth noting that the performers noted that the device is more sophisticated than other models during its charging, which may indicate a shorter than average battery life category (it may actually be a pair) Small ones that are loaded at the same time) and its effective capacity - but these are only speculation at this point, when only exams over time will prove what the real situation is. So far we have not heard a significant accumulation of complaints about past devices with powerful and very fast SuperVOOC charging, so there are also good reasons to remain optimistic in this regard.

What are the chances of him coming to Israel as well? We try to stay optimistic, and we will keep you posted as we discover more details

Realme X2 Pro is now sold in several European countries at official recommended prices of 400 euros (about NIS 1,570) for base model with 64GB for storage and 6GB for dynamic memory, 450 Euro for model with 128GB for storage and 8GB of dynamic memory and XNX NIS) for a top model with 500GB for storage and 1,960GB of RAM. We do not know if there are any plans to land it in Israel, but we really hope that we will soon see another such great intermediates with my life Good and fully charged in (much) less than an hour.

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