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Motorola guarantees quality photography at an affordable price

after And Yiomi comes too - Meet the One Zoom that will try to bring quality photography of flag products to popular price tags

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Device of the brand From Lenovo House worthy of real treatment, without cynicism? We haven't lost our hope yet, it turns out. The Model One Zoom, which has starred in quite a few different leaks over the past few months, has been officially announced and offers interesting design and set capabilities in relation to the required price tag.

Motorola One Zoom offers an 6.39-inch OLED screen and an 2,340 × 1,080 pixel resolution, Snapdragon 675 octagonal latest cores, Dynamic 4GB memory, 128GB internal storage with further expandability via microSD card, Android Pie system with very small changes to the AOSP source, earphone slot, fingerprint scanner built into the display panel, NFC built-in, basic P2i protection for internal hardware components against water droplets, connectivity 802.11ac Dual Channels, Connectivity 5.0 and 4,000mAh built-in battery with fast 18 watt charging.

Interesting design with photography in its center, literally

As the name suggests from the first moment, the emphasis in One Zoom will be on photography capabilities in general and photography capabilities in optical close-up in particular - thanks to a square main rear photo array in the center of aluminum body with glass cladding . The main sensor is 48 megapixel resolution with f / 1.7 aperture key and with optical image stabilization array, first secondary sensor offers 16 megapixel resolution for 117 wide angle photography, secondary sensor 8 resolution up to megapixel resolution According to 3, no loss of quality and including an optical image stabilization array and a final and endearing secondary sensor at 5 megapixel resolution is used for depth sensing to create a precise 'bokeh' effect in portrait photography.

The sensors are not necessarily unique to the price level in themselves - but with the combination of optical stabilization there may be surprising results to the charge

The selfie camera located within the drop-down center of the screen offers a f / 2.0 aperture key and an 25 megapixel sensor that performs a square pixel binning operation for Enhanced 6.25 megapixel resolution. We've already met on some mid-range devices that offer a square rear camera, but the addition of OIS arrays for two of the four cameras is relatively unique and may allow One Zoom to surprise competitors at similar price levels.

The processing chip is certainly not the latest and most powerful to be found in the NIS 1,500 price tag area - but we are pleased to see that all the important features such as a generous battery, a headphone slot, And a storage expansion slot are in place

The One Zoom will be available in Europe starting in the coming weeks in gray, bronze or purple and at a recommended price of 400 Euro including local VAT - ie a little less than NIS 1,600 in Israeli market terms, if it officially lands here. There is potential for success or That Motorola you Do you miss the goal? Let us share your point of view in the comments.

Let's hope the country will try its luck among local consumers


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  1. 400 Euro is not popular!
    In shekels, depreciate NIS 1800 even before 'commission' will come
    But the price is less than NIS 2100

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