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Big Brother of Mi A3: The Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite smartphone has arrived in Europe

The Western version of the company's Mi CC9 model will be priced at 320 Euro

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You were well impressed What the Mi A3 You landed him in the country recently but did you feel his screen is too small and too low in resolution? The new Mi 9 Lite, which is a kind of enlarged "step-brother" for which may be the right solution.

The Mi A3 model Launched as the Western version of the Mi CC9e smartphone introduced in the Chinese market several months before, with the key change being the MIUI 10 operating system interface to the One includes a promise of quality and long-term software support and minimal changes in appearance and features - and although we were hoping to also get a Western launch of the standard CC9 model as Mi A3 Pro (or any other similar model name) this has not happened so far.

Mi 9 Lite is coming to Spain - and from there will probably expand to more European countries quickly

Now, the CC9 is officially arriving in our districts, with a formal launch in Spain first, as another new version (seventh in number, with the hand still slanted) of the Mi 9. The Mi 9 Lite smartphone will be almost identical to the Chinese Mi CC9 from July, with a Super AMOLED 6.39-supported HDR screen and an 2,340 × 1,080 pixel resolution that will be a serious upgrade compared to the 720p resolution on Mi A3 / CC 710 octagon cores, dynamic memory of 4GB or 6GB, volume Fast 2.1 or 64GB UFS 128 standard with further expandability with cards , An on-screen biometric scanner, and a built-in 4,030mAh battery with 4.0 Watt Quick Charge 18 Plus charging.

The model will be available for sale in three different shades - and in an interesting design that should be familiar to anyone who has tested the Mi A3 at one point or another

The Mi 9 Lite will offer the same photo set as the Mi A3, with an 32 megapixel selfie camera inside a compact 'drop' slider at the top center of the protected display panel with Gorilla Glass 5 cladding, and a triple rear photo array with the 48 unit First megapixel, 8 Megapixel Wide Angle and 2 Megapixel Depth Sensor - so the main upgrade here for the fresh Android One model is the available processing power, screen dimensions and resolution and having Built-in.

there is NFC, has an infrared transmitter, has a slot Expandable - And there's even a millimeter 3.5 slot for headphones

Do these additions justify the addition of 70 Euros for the price? We're not really sure about that anymore. The Mi 9 Lite will be offered for sale in Europe at an initial cost of 320 Euro (NIS 1,260 in direct conversion) for a model with 64GB for storage and 4GB of RAM, and for a price of 350 Euro (NIS 1,380 in direct conversion) for a model with 128GB of storage and 6 - Compared to 250 Euro and 280 Euro prices for Mi A3 models with The same, when in all these cases the VAT (or a very similar equivalent in the kit, if accurate) is included.

The Mi 9 Lite is likely to land officially in the country in a while as well - and you are welcome to start guessing how much it will cost here at the official importer.

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