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Dual-screen smartphones - a new hit?

The strange Axon M company Was launched, and now the time has come to wonder whether it is the first swallow of a new fashion or just a weak attempt to dissipate quickly

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Remember the original Nokia mobile phone , Which offered increased usability thanks to a 360-degree axis? He was definitely a weird chicken on the market, and it was doubtful anyone would imagine that his success would result in the creation of a whole new category of computers where almost all the big players in the market would participate - but that's what happened. Is there any chance that the Axon M smartphone will give birth to a similar trend in the smartphone world? Feel free to judge for yourself.

The new device of the young brand from China's large ZTE (mainly thanks to the cellular infrastructure equipment business, and less because of its smart devices) Launched as expected, With a unique array that includes a pair of 5.2 IPS screens and an 1080p resolution on the cover 5, one on the front and the other on the back, with an axis between them that can move in 180 from a closed position in which each one faces a different external direction to a flat state in which they both connect to one screen in dimensions close to those of a square,

Double is that sound? Depends very much on the price and the severity outside and inside

The internal specification is slightly better than the earlier reports predicted, with Snapdragon 821 Quad (still a relatively old and not very economical choice), dynamic 4 GB memory, built-in 64 gigabyte storage with microSD card expansion, Nougat 7.1.2, Dual cameras and Dolby Atmos technology support, built-in fingerprint scanner, connectivity 802.11ac, a single front 20-megapixel camera - and a modest 3,180mAh battery with fast charging support.

Four different usage modes - which remind us of the hybrid concept of the laptop he started with Original Yoga

The idea behind the Axon M is a device that might be ideal for using multiple applications at once, all on one screen as part of the upgrades presented on Android Nougat, using a device in "tent" mode where two people on both sides can watch the same or different things - and use both screens Together for a particularly large display area.

A boutique product with the price of a flagship product is probably not the best combination, but we are prepared to give Axon M a small opportunity to enjoy the supplier, at least until the official arrival of the stores

This may be a bad concept at its core, but a battery is too small for a pair of screens, A veteran who will not give And maximum efficiency and too much "profit" between the two display units will result in a missed goal - all the more so at a high recommended official price tag of $ 725 (excluding taxes) from the AT&T cellular operator exclusively in the United States, and probably higher prices More across the continent of Europe to which the product will arrive late.

Who knows, maybe And Huawei which reportedly are working on Folding their own, they'll be able to take this basic idea and upgrade it to a level where it can be seen as a worthy opponent for modern flagship products - with screens with an almost non-existent casing that leaves no profit as skin between the two pieces, Which will deal with additional power consumption and a more prestigious and interesting design. We'll see.


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  1. At first I thought it was one of the weirdest things I saw ... and then I really understood the potential of the things that can be realized with it, which is pretty cool.

  2. Irony that you mentioned Gorilla Glass, because the device very reminiscent of the game Donkey Kong 's well remembered ... which was quite similar size.

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